10 tips for spinnerbait fishing!

 10 tips for spinnerbait fishing!

Before we talk about the 10 tips for spinnerbait fishing, a little history. Invented in 1951, the spinnerbait soon became one of Americans' favorite lures for bass, northern pike and redfish fishing. In the USA, this reactive lure is found in the kits of all competitive fishermen, for many of them being the number one choice in bass fishing. Gradually, spinnerbait became popular in Europe, implicitly in Romania, becoming one of the best pike fishing lures.

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Returning to the title of the article, 10 tips for spinnerbait fishing, I want to tell you that I did not invent hot water, so the tips below were not invented by me, some I experienced, others took over, it is certain that one of them has been useful to me over time.

skirt spinnerbait

Cut the skirt

Skirt, meaning silicone wood. When you have unfinished attacks on the spinnerbait, cut part of the skirt close to the hook.

carlig trailer spinnerbait

Carlig trailer

If the above tip did not work, you must attach a trailer hook. Thus, predatory fish will cling much faster.

still railer spinnerbait

Still on the trailer

Another option is to attach an anchor instead of a trailer hook. First, cut one of the hooks so that the other two remain with the tips up so that they do not get stuck in obstacles.

gume spinnerbait

Two-tailed gums

When mounted directly on the hook, they help the spinnerbat to keep its position and direction in evolution without "falling" on the sides.

guma spinnerbait

Extra gum

Personally, I prefer to attach the tires directly to the trailer hook. This mount often made a difference when the simple spinnerbait did not work.

mouse spinnerbait


In the case of spinnerbits that have a silicone skirt fastened with plastic "collars", so that they do not come out, you can lock them with a plastic necklace, mouse in Romanian.

bridge spinnerbait

Split ring - lock

Spinnerbits that do not have a catch slip on the clips. The problem is solved by adding a split ring over the curvature of the line.

buzz bait

Buzz bait

By simply cutting a Colorado palace and bending its tops you get a buzz bait. A very popular pike lure on small water.

flash spinnerbait

Extra flash

Sometimes predatory fish directly attack the paddles. For extra appeal and a minus on misses, attach another palette directly to the hook, Colorado or Willow.

Maintenance and storage

It is important that after each fishing trip the spinnerbits are washed, cleaned and left to dry on the napkins, at room temperature, without bringing them too close to heat sources. After they have dried, it is recommended to treat the skirts with maintenance oils. I recommend that spinner baits be kept separate from other lures, in specially designed boxes. That's about the 10 tips for spinnerbait fishing.

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