13 cool items for Savage Gear 2021 predator fishing! We also have clothes.

Even if in the first phase I was looking for Savage Gear 2021 kidnappers and rods, for the spring-summer season they also caught my eye with some items of clothing and footwear. Some newer, some older, which is clear, if the Devil dresses from Prada, surely the predator fisherman dresses from Savage Gear. I did it myself. Want to see what?

Savage Gear 2021 raptor lures and rods

The search began after we saw the new Cannibal Craft tires and the series of rods for the kidnappers SG2 and SG4 2021 in the posts on Facebook and Youtube. At the first search "Savage Gear" on the website of the Romanian importer, Arrow International, shoes and clothes started to appear on my laptop screen. So, #AvemSiHaine, I couldn't help myself and until I reached the lures and rods I came across a bunch of unscheduled fishing tackle.

Savage Gear ventilated slippers

We start from the bottom up, because Savage Gear slippers they were the first to catch my eye and are a must have for me when fishing from a boat. Lightweight, comfortable, high-impact design, snug sole (inside, outside), does not slip from the foot thanks to the system with fastening / adjusting strap. Price, what can I say, a fair price for a simple pair of slippers, even if they are fishing.

Waders Denim Boots / Savage Gear Pants

Also in the footwear area, so fashionable, I really liked them Savage Gear sneakers, finding out later, after the purchase, that they are in fact intended for wader fishing. Of course, they had two bigger numbers. Well, am I not going clean and trout this year? More willingly, more out of necessity, I also got a pitcher of wadersi Denim, also, on fashion, special as a designer.

Simply Savage T-shirts #AvemSiHaine

While browsing the arw.ro website, the #AvemSiHaine ad starts in my headphones and I remember that I'm not very good at summer t-shirts. I found a bunch of models Simply Savage t-shirts, for all tastes, colors, logo, jaws, t-shirt or polo. With a cost between 50 and a little over 100 lei, per t-shirt, my summer wardrobe was completed with a few products. Without having to go to the mall.

Xoom and Gray Savage Gear pants

In terms of fishing pants, clearly for Savage Gear I can use the slogan "From fishermen, for fishermen". I got two pairs, Xoom and Gray, both with front pockets, a must for me, where I can keep my phone, cigarettes, lighter at hand. The first pair, water repellent, a kind of overpants, and the second, a movement model made of elastic material with reinforcements on the bottom and knees made of waterproof material.

WP Performance Savage Gear Rain Suit

Wherever one goes, so does the hundred. In fact, the opposite. And I still haven't got the lures and rods, but what if it rains? As it rains on me in most fishing parties, I chose a suit consisting of WP Performance pants and WP Performance jacket. After the design, I'm a Savage, yeah, they received the Nylon Taslon material with Teflon coating, waterproof 100% (10,000mm) and breathable 5000mvp, reinforcements from the knees, legs and back. Price? Tailor-made product!

Savage Gear SG2 and SG4 rods

In Romania, Toray blanks have become as popular as watermelons from Dăbuleni. So yes, the SG2 and SG4 rod series have Toray 30T blanks, Seaguide rings and chucks, the rest of the specifications you can see on the site. I chose two rods, Savage Gear SG2 Ultra Light Game (198cm, 3-10g, 104g, 267 lei) and Savage Gear SG4 Medium Game (221cm, 7-23g, 113g, 435 lei). Apart from the above considerations, slim white, quality components, low weight, well, did not receive the price, good by the way, this time. But the permissiveness on the tip that these rods have. Permissiveness that always brought me more fish to lie and helped me use a wide range of lures, from supple to reactive.

Fat Minnow Savage Gear Kidnappers Kit

To your surprise, I had no idea about this model, given that with this shape, Fat Minnow, you can always play at both ends, pike and pikeperch. A very versatile gum from my point of view. Five natural, catchy colors, three sizes, six starting jigs. I think this kit Fat Minnow Savage Gear it is suitable for both beginners, those who do not know how to correlate the size of the jig in relation to the length of the gum, and those advanced.

Kit Biban Perch Pro Savage Gear

Well, this is where my son caught me browsing the gum pages. Ever since he was little, he has been playing and bathing with soft lures, you don't want to know how many gums he has collected from my kits. Boiled on crayfish, creatures, shapes and colors, we did not get rid of it, now we have Perch Pro perch kit. We have is improperly said, he has, we will use it together, I hope, when we go fishing for pikeperch, they are a bit big for our perch. In the meantime, he discovered that there are two "glow in the dark" gums in the kit, so, more recently, he sleeps with them in the room.

The icing on the cake, Savage Gear Cannibal Craft

In fact, this is where it all started. To my shame, I've never fished with Cannibal Shad before. It was not a gum to inspire me, even though many well-known fishermen wreaked havoc with them. Do you know that saying of predatory fishermen "Ghosts catch fish and fishermen alike"? They caught me Savage Gear Cannibal Craft 6.5cm / 10.5cm / 12.5cm, in all available colors. You saw the reasons in the photos and video. Do I catch fish? Certainly, as they look, I trust them.

PS1: And from here my son took his tribute, one of each pattern and color. Test number one, the colors last for an hour in the bathtub, excessively washed with soap, shampoo. I also beat very naturally. I swear they're real fish.

The final count

I won't tell you how much this shopping cost me in the end. It's no secret that I have been collaborating with Arrow International for a long time, implicitly with Savage Gear, and of course I benefit from special prices for any purchase. What is certain is that, from my point of view, all the products on display here are worth every penny, in terms of value for money. Now, what I like or consider necessary, you don't have to like or be useful. Leave a comment about what you liked (or didn't like) about the above products or equipment you've been buying lately and think it's worth it from your point of view.

PS2: There were only 13 cool items for fishing at the Savage Gear 2021 kidnappers, I took several. Stay between us, okay? And I promise to tell you about them in the future.

Info Shop Savage Gear

Savage Gear predator fishing products are available in Romania through Arrow International in the 20 own stores and 227 partner stores. If you want other products that are not in stock or are not listed on website, you can place a pre-order at any of the above stores.

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