5 reasons to come fishing with us on Snagov Lake on September 11-12!

 5 reasons to come fishing with us on Snagov Lake on September 11-12!

This is the last stage of the national fishing championship for boat predators LRS 2021. ARROW Cup will take place on the competition track on Snagov Lake, having as target species the PICK, THE SALT and the BIBAN. Also at this stage, the national champions are established LRS boat division 2021. The contest is in Open compliant system LRS regulation, arbitration is done using the phone application Predator Challenge, application on which you can see the live ranking during the contest. So why come fishing with us on Lake Snagov?

Awards for fishing on Snagov Lake

First, all participants receive a small gift from Garmin and Savage Gear. Second, even if you don't catch one of the podium seats with cash, Garmin Panoptix LiveScope, Garmin GPSMAP® 86i, 86s, Savage Gear vouchers, accommodation vouchers Hydrotourism, you still have a chance at the big catch. Third, if you fail to rank in the top 10 with Savage Gear awards and Berti, you still have the chance to rank 21st (Drill Club special prize) or to win one of the the new Savage Gear 2021, SG8, SG6, SG4, SG2 reels, a peridoc Repo and a Mini Jump-Starter Pro VR. Furthermore, Joy equipment will award a special prize.

What you can catch when fishing on Lake Snagov

In the contest, the perch, the salmon and the pike score, the biggest 20 fish every day of the two contests. If about perch and I know that you already know that Lake Snagov is a generous track, well, starting with this contest you will definitely see a lot of pike that I accidentally caught in previous editions of the Arrow Cup. Fish is and will be even more so in the future, part of the competition fee from LRS competitions goes to repopulating LRS tracks with target species. Lake Snagov received this year 4800000 pike and pikeperch larvae!

Who can you go fishing with on Snagov Lake

With the best competition predator fishermen in the country and why not in the world, judging by the FIPS result in Russia 2017 when Romania became World Champion. In the two days you can accumulate valuable information about fishing techniques, equipment, boats and state-of-the-art gadgets or you can find out everything you need to know about fishing for predators from some exceptional fishermen and people gathered from all over the country. After the competition rounds you can have a drink with them and discuss the latest news from Savage Gear and Garmin, news that will be present throughout the competition at the Navasart base.

Where you can go fishing on Lake Snagov

From Navasart base, which will be the camp Arrow Cup, location where you can stay during the competition, you can start looking for predatory fish both left and right, the location being located in the middle of the lake. In both directions, bays with grass, reeds and water lilies await you, where you can find pike, sills with thickets and a lot of pontoons that house armies of perch. Snagov is one of the most beautiful lakes in Romania, and with its help LRS, CPS Drill, Arrow International, AVPS Acvila, Snagov Naval Transport Police, we hope that in the future it will become the best fishing track for kidnappers in the country. You can also participate in this project if you enter the contest, make a donation to the people or participate in anti-poaching and greening actions LRS.

If you can't come fishing with us on Lake Snagov

However, if you don't make it to the Arrow Cup, you can see what you missed live broadcasts of the Romanian Spinning League or to watch the live ranking on the phone application Predator Challenge. The perch, pike and pike caught in this competition are waiting for you to try your ghosts with them, all LRS competitions take place in a catch & release system. So, watch the competition, see the hot spots, the interviews with the competition fishermen on the spot, the secret ghosts and the techniques used, do your fishing permit at AVPS Acvila and go fishing on Lake Snagov. You will have some unforgettable games of perch, pike and pikeperch.


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