5 rules for pike fishing or how to become a better fisherman than me!

 5 rules for pike fishing or how to become a better fisherman than me!

In vain would I explain in writing how I or other pike fishermen do much better than me, if you do not personally experience these rules. I will not refer to the way in which pike fishing should be reeled or animated. Beginner or not, this is what each of you must discover on the waterfront, in practice.

Learn all about pike

Read, watch, get informed, learn as much as you can about the biology, behavior, habitat and culinary preferences of the pike in all the waters you are going to fish. The river is not like a pond, the Delta is not like a river, and ghosts always have their moment. You have a ton of materials at your disposal, ware, books, videos, older magazines, on the internet or in bookstores, which you can assimilate when pike fishing is banned. Otherwise, you need to stay on the water as long as possible.

Go pike fishing as much as possible

How much? How much time do you have when pike fishing opens. Put into practice everything you have learned, observe the water, the behavior of prey fish, pike, fishermen. Any extra information is valuable, over time you will learn how to use it to your advantage. Color and water level, temperature, weather and atmospheric pressure are variables that you can use to your advantage to solve the equation.

Good fishing periods for pike are repeated

Write down in a notebook, notepad on the phone, all the information of the fishing party, season, weather, day and hours of catches, temperature, water level and color, places and lures with which you caught the pike. And other remarks that led to the success of the game. If you haven't caught it, try to learn something and from that, any good or bad fishing game comes bundled with some lessons or conclusions. And in pike fishing, history repeats itself.

Launch where the pike are!

A good fisherman needs to know exactly where the fish are. Luck is relative, so gather as much information as possible about the locations you will fish, the conformation of the lake, any places with thresholds or hooks, the size of the fish in the water and, why not, where they have been caught lately. Location is essential after you have assimilated the information from rule 1.

Learn at least 5 pike fishing techniques!

Not five ghosts, but 5 techniques, such as: oscillating spoon, spinnerbait, gum, Glide, voblere minnow. Build your confidence in them and learn the techniques to fish them. In time and practice you will know exactly how fast to pull them through the water, when to stop them, how to play them. Try to choose the right fishing technique for the conditions given by each game. Don't just use a technique or just a ghost, trying to compensate for the alternatives just by changing the color or the printed game.

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