7 salai and 4 perch in 30 minutes on Valea Argovei!

7 salai and 4 perch caught in 30 minutes on Valea Argovei, chartreuse glitter hit me again. Also Robert, also Relax, but Kopyto and the pike this time, episode consumed in a lightning half with a fish top, a 69 cm pike and a 34 cm perch. Why do I say this color hit me again?


At the Valea Argovei Cup, among other competitors, 53 teams, more precisely, at the first stage of the national fishing championship for raptors from the ALRS boat. Two 8-hour rounds, target species perch and perch, scored the top 10 fish each day.


In a round number two at the LRS stage, after a modest result on the 22nd place on the first day when we only managed to catch 3 salai and seven perch to make our fish. Occupied places, big salaries, wrong strategy, lack of talent, inconvenience.


"I still have a place where I haven't been for 10 years, I feel like I'm taking two rooms there. You want to go?" says Robert as he gives me a big penny. I think out loud, the chances of getting caught where we were were quite high to the detriment of a place we didn't know and didn't know how to approach. "It's a cool place, you'll love it!" Robert tells me again after a 10-minute silence. He yells at me, I miss him, I pick up the engine instantly and I say to Robert: Come on! ”

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Raptorimania article: 7 salai and 4 perch in 30 minutes on Valea Argovei

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