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Fishing is a beautiful game, especially when you take it seriously. First and foremost, I am a fisherman's child, a fisherman's father, a fisherman's friend, a storyteller, a traveler, a nature lover, a dreamer in this wonderful world of fishing. Be it spoken, written, photo, video or online.

Maybe we met until now through my articles in the magazines Aventuri la Pescuit, Super Pescar, Fishing For All, from the site www.rapitorimania.ro or we saw each other in the films on F&H, PVTV, TVR, YouTube. I hope you'll find lots of useful articles, videos and tips on this blog from me or other anglers I've had the pleasure of fishing and befriending over the years.

In addition to fishing for raptors, in this blog we also talk about children, destinations, equipment, gadgets, competitions and everything related to this hobby that has infected us all. If you have a specific topic you want us to discuss here, I look forward to your messages or comments which I promise to respond to. I appreciate any shares if you liked what you read or watched in the articles!

It's all about fishing!

Andy Arif

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