All fishing permits 2024, ANPA, ARBDD, PG, in one place! FREE OF CHARGE.

The 2024 free fishing license madness is starting again soon and I thought I'd put all your links in one place as I'd love to have them handy too. Actually, I'm putting them here for myself too, come to think of it. There are who knows what changes to the free permits, compared to previous years, 2021, 2022, 2023, nor at NAFA (Danube, non-concessional waters, Black Sea) nor to DDBRA, The Danube Delta. They remain free in 2024. How useful were my fishing licenses in 2023? But Border Permits? I will tell you briefly at the end of the article, until then, there will be free fishing permits in Romania in 2024 as well!

Free fishing permits ANPA 2024, Danube, non-contracted waters, Black Sea

ANPA 2024 fishing permit is issued and released online by the National Agency for Fisheries and Aquaculture.

The ANPA 2024 fishing permit is a FREE, nominal and non-transferable document that certifies the right to legally practice recreational sport fishing in natural fish habitats uncontracted by sports fishermen's associations, the Danube and the Black Sea, with the exception of the Danube Delta.

In 2024 there are three types of fishing permits 2024 that must be issued to be able to legally fish in Romanian waters: Permit for the Danube and Non-contracted Natural Habitats - free, Permit for the Black Sea - free, Permit for Natural Fishing Habitats Contracted by Associations - fees to the associations.

ANPA 2024 fishing permits are issued annually and are valid until the end of the current year.

For issuing ANPA 2024 fishing permits you will have to answer a few questions about fishing legislation, legislation that all anglers should know. You have more details here. For help, on the website, find the answers to these questions and other useful information. If you had an ANPA fishing permit issued last year, you will also need to submit the 2023 catch slip, additional information here. Attention, all three 2024 ANPA fishing premises are not valid in the ARBDD territory (Danube Delta).

Contact ANPA (National Agency for Fisheries and Aquaculture):


Phone: 0374.466.140, 0374.466.139

Fax: 0374.466.138



Fishing permits 2024 in the Danube Delta ARBDD (Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Administration)

Fishing permit in the Danube Delta 2024 it is FREE and can be issued online from the ARBDD website and physically from the machines installed at the ARBDD headquarters in Tulcea or the Information and Visitation Centers in the localities of Chilia Veche, Crișan, Sulina and Murighiol. For access to the Danube Delta, in addition to the Fishing Permit, you will also need to have the Tourist Access Permit, the Boat Access Permite and Car Permit if you want to enter the territory of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve by boat or car.

What is not free in 2024 the territory of the ARBDD (Danube Delta)?

ARBDD access permit for tourists: 5 lei/person/day; 15 lei/person/week; 30 lei/person/year; Free for pensioners, pupils, students, disabled people.

ARBDD access permit for vehicles: 10 lei/vehicle/day; 100 lei vehicle/year.

ARBDD access permit for boats: 20 lei/boat/stay; 100 lei/boat/year.

RBDD recreational/sports fishing permit: 30 lei / person / year; 10 lei/year for pupils, students, persons with mild and moderate disabilities.

Other information on obtaining fishing permits Danube Delta 2024 ARBDD (Administration of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve)

All ARBDD permits can be issued online and paid for by bank card. ARBDD permits can be purchased online at, from the machines installed at the ARBDD headquarters directly from the ARBDD work points.

ARBDD permits can be kept in electronic format on the phone for verification by the authorized bodies.

ARBDD permits can also be purchased by SMS to 7494 with the text TUR1, TUR7, TURAN name, AUTO1, AUTOAN no. car registration or AMB7, AMBAN boat identification data.

Any problems encountered with the issuance of online permits can be sent by e-mail

Contact ARBDD (Adminof the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve):


Address: Str. PORT No. 34A, Tulcea, Romania – 820243


Central: +40 240 51 89 24 +40 240 51 89 25

Secretariat: +40 240 51 89 45



Border Permits 2024 for fishing in border areas

Careful! To fish in the border areas, in addition to the 2024 fishing permits, you also need Border Permit (PG). This is an additional endorsement to the ANPA or ARBDD permit, required for fishing in border waters. The PG is issued by the Border Police of the county to which the fishing zone belongs. PG permits can be obtained online by filling a applications and of one form, the documents are issued free of charge within 30 days.

To obtain the PG, the following scanned documents are required:

The request for issuing the fishing permit

Photo or scan by BI/CI of the holder of the fishing permit making the application.

ANPA fishing permit – issued by the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Agency (ANPA) and ARBDD for the counties of Tulcea and Constanța.

The form is completed online and the mentioned documents are attached. For multiple zones, fill in only your data on the application form, no zones or river Kms.

The following are considered border areas / areas subject to the control regime of the Border Police:

The territory located at a depth of 30 km. towards the state border and the Black Sea coast, inland;

The surface of the airport or the port with the related platforms, buildings and facilities – in the counties inside the country, where airports and ports open to international traffic operate;

The strips of land, located at a depth of 10 km on one side and on the other side of the banks of the inner Danube, open to international navigation, including the Măcin arm in its entirety.

Contact the Border Police:


Phone: 021.316.25.98021.318.25.92, fax: 021.312.11.89.

Information telephone: (+4)021.9590 (callable number from any national or international network).

To submit a petition/complaint/report, please access the online form at the following link

E-mail: (intended strictly for inter-institutional communication).

What were my fishing licenses used for in 2023?

Well first of all, FREE or NOT, I personally do ALL my fishing licenses at the beginning of the year. Whether I end up in the places I set out to be, or I don't, hope dies last. This year they were not of much use to me because my fishing parties, less than usual, were consumed outside the country. Yes, I gave the Danube on Garam river (Hron) from Slovakia, Delta on Caribbean Sea from the Dominican Republic, Argova Valley, Săruleştiul, Argeşul and the rivers of Romsilva on the mesmerizing waters of Sweden. Not on purpose, just the way it was, but… There's always a BUT, in my opinion, fishing licenses shouldn't be free. FREE is nothing in this world. For healthy waters and fish, a responsible "someone" is needed to take care of them with the money from the permits, be that legislative "someone", association or sports fishing club. Because otherwise we stay in a short time, time is already running out much too quickly, without water, without fish, without passion. Okay, okay, the Romanian's question follows: how much should it cost? I don't know, but let's see how much this year's permits and fishing have cost me.

Start fishing in 2023, December – January, Punta Cana

“Fishing in Punta Cana Dominican Republic? Winter? New Year's Eve? On the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean? Phew. You have arrived. Well, no, I haven't arrived, yet, nor have I scheduled this outing strictly for fishing, but rather it was a small extension to a long-dreamed-of and finally realized family vacation. That I always have fishing tools with me wherever I go abroad, you and my friends and family are already used to it. But even this fishing keeps repeating itself... the most pleasant thing is the preparations, the dreams, the illusions and finally the routine. Then, no matter how experienced you are as a professional or amateur, everything depends solely on the tools. You're already thinking about Operation Monster, aren't you? I thought the same too. But it's not about tools or, please, we're also talking about tools. It's about tarpon. And about football. And about friends, old and new. And other exotic fish.” Continuation of the article here.

Permitted cost of sea fishing – free of charge, like us

Cost of a day fishing from a belly boat with flyfishing guide - 100 dollars

Cost of ocean fishing boat fully equipped with all fishing equipment – 250 dollars/day, about as much as in our area in the Danube Delta - we didn't catch that we fished from the shore and caught...

How much do fishing licenses cost in Sweden?

In Sweden, almost everywhere I put my finger on the map and my foot through the woods, I didn't pay more than 3-9 euros per day for a fishing license or 10-25 euros per year. Yes, 3-9 euros per day, 10-25 euros per year. There are also more expensive permits, I'll just tell you where it was me. And how much I paid. Who owns these waters? The owners of land (landowners) who have property rights also on the waters included in them. One of the largest owners in northern Sweden is the company Svea Skog number 1 in the forest industry in Sweden, which grants fishing rights on the waters under their ownership for small sums per year. To whom do they grant? Associations, municipalities, companies, even individuals, who, in addition to rights, also have obligations in preserving the concessioned fishery resource. All these sports fishing permits in Sweden can be purchased online from the website Iphiske, a good role model for any sport fishing entity in the world. Absolutely all the information you need, online payments, everything just one click away. We would like that too, right? Fishing in the Baltic Sea and the North Sea is free, of course, respecting certain rules of restraint, of sparing, of prohibition. You can see a lot of the places I fished here below, don't miss it the articles from the descriptions videos for more information.

It does not bring the clean that brings the barbell, fishing permits in Hungary and Slovakia

If everything goes smoothly with fishing permits in Sweden, online, in Hungary and Slovakia it was a bit more complicated. Kind of like here, but with water and fish. We start with Slovakia, and then I'll tell you what's up with Hungary. First of all, in Slovakia, you need to purchase a general fishing permit Rybarki Listok, a kind of poorer ANPA that gives you the right to fish on the territory of Slovakia in non-concessional waters. Not on the Danube. It costs 1.5 euros per day or 7 euros per year. Then, depending on the rivers or lakes you want to fish, you can buy fishing licenses for a day from fishing shops in the area or associations. On the Garam river (Hron in Slovakia) I paid 25 euros per day for fishing trout and grayling Beňuš area, and at barbell and clean, below, the area Štúrovo, we paid 10 euros per day (20 euros normally, we benefited from the special price for guests, being invited by the association that has the concession of the portion of the river we fished). Because we also planned fishing on the Danube, but it didn't work out, we had to buy fishing licenses, both in Hungary and Slovakia, because well, both banks have fish. In Slovakia, the fishing license on the Danube cost us 20 euros a day, again in Hungary 90 euros per year. The same Danube, another country. I'll be back next year with an article about fishing in Hungary, where you also need a national/international or tourist permit to be allowed to fish. Oh, I forgot, in Slovakia I would have had to pay 100 euros a day the kayaking experience, which is worth all the money, but Zoli refused the offering. He's a demigod, anyway, on both baitcasting and kayak fishing.

What will my ANPA and ARBDD fishing licenses be used for in 2024?

Well, let me tell you what the plan is. What comes out, we'll see. Right now we are in the stage of dreams, father, dreams. We start with Thailand, winter 2024, and I want to be rod in hand by the end of the year, no ANPA or ARBDD needed, FREE fishing license in the South China Sea. In the spring we pay him a visit Kostas in Greece, not for sea fishing, but for river fishing for sea bass, clean and… tamtadadaaaam, barbell. Yes, you read that right, fishing in Greece, on the river, with clean and barbell, that's arrogance. Summer, I have nothing to do, it's all about Sweden and trouts, graylings, maybe also pike, because I really miss those too, I've known them since they were little. The autumn the barbells are counted again, probably again on the Garam River, also with Malin Musatescu, all with Fishing And Hunting Channel. And it's winter? And do we need fishing permits in 2025? Well, what did you do with those from 2024?

I'll do. We are moving the telephoto lens to Romania, in the spring and summer, I might need ANPA for fishing on the Mureș River, because the barbells and clenis have taken my mind, I know an area, from a good friend, where the fish are still stubborn to grow old. So I will pay another 140 lei contribution to AJVPS Mureș. Probably, like this year, I will want to get to Snagov lake, at least to Cup Arrow, contribution 55 lei to AVPS Acvila (if the protocol for members is respected LRS). That's also because they grew up on Snagov perch, shad and pike in LRS populations and I don't want to make another membership card. And that costs, less financially and more emotionally. Unless my plans work out or our waters miraculously recover, the ANPA license will more than likely be my fishing buddy again The lady at the obletes, with a rod, with a cork, as in childhood. With fly fishing… I think I'm staying at Sweden, I tried again in the past to resume the relationship with Romsilva waters, but it failed me. Maybe, maybe, though… I'm going to try something on the boys' playground at Aqua Crisius, they are rumored to take great care of the waters, trout and grayling. The cost of a permit? Of common sense I say, 50 lei per day or 200 lei per year. Are you not serving the Danube and the Danube Delta in 2024? Yes, it will be possible at any time within the limits of time and available fish. If the avatas get away from the meatballs and the new generation of pike with small grains sneaks through the winter nets.

Romania World Champion in fishing once every 5 years

Once every 5 years the miracle happens, be it from free fishing permits? Or is it just a numerological coincidence? Free passes were born in October 2016, but they entered into force starting in 2017, the same year Romania became World Lure Fishing Champion. This year, exactly 5 years later, Romania is again World Champion in fishing, in the disciplines Street Fishing and Method Feeder. In fact, for the first time in the world, Romania was World Carp Champion in 2012, but still 5 years before the free fishing permits. It would have been a preamble. I wonder what will happen in 5 years? Otherwise, how about you, how are you doing? Where do you still fish? Did you get your free fishing licenses for 2024?

The room,
Silence on the set,
tape rolling,
Three, two, one, action!

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