And trout kill themselves, don't they? Death comes to Berti Taifun

 And trout kill themselves, don't they? Death comes to Berti Taifun

Turkule, do you know how many trout I'm killing now with Berti Taifun? And how many have I killed indirectly with these spoons since I've been making them? I feel like crying, I am one of those who frequently decimate the trout population in Romania. But I can't stop doing them.

That's what he told me Eugen German one day in the workshop Berti, while the team with anchors a new batch of oscillating killer Berti Typhoon.

Berti Taifun, a versatile swing that catches, catches, catches...

And it's not just trout that Berti Taifun has decimated, this little wobbler is the most versatile metal lure I've fished with in a long time. From the shore or from the boat, on the river or the lake, in the country or abroad, Berti Taifun is the spoon with which I managed to catch most species of predatory fish and more. Walleyes, perch, American perch, bream, grayling, pike, trout of all varieties, bream, bream, catfish, widows. I haven't caught the saddle yet, but I honestly haven't tried either. More recently I also ticked some marine species, see here. If I were forced to fish with one lure for the rest of my life, guess what it would be? Castable and versatile, you cast it far and you can fish it on the surface, in the water, on the substrate, slow or fast retrieve, jigging or whatever you want to animate it, it catches damn well. Exactly, Typhoon Berti.

Bulletin of Sweden, name, surname, Berti Taifun

I've written this before in past articles and I've also said it in the movies on F&H, salmonid fishing I can go anywhere in the world in peace with an oscillating Berti Typhoon and a Berti rotary focused. I swear on my Sweden kit, come on, I'll throw in a handful of wobblers too, so be it, because where it doesn't stay, it doesn't get there. If it still came up about Sweden, so out of the blue, that I haven't written for a long time, in the video above that you watched or will watch (don't forget to like, share, subscribe and an ampoule comment for Youtube SEO algorithms) I killed three trout, with Berti Taifun, of course, in a maximum of 10 minutes. Without any regrets. There's a fine line between Catch and Release and being able to brutally kill a few fish if you've got yourself thrown out of the bag and yet the masculine urge to hunt, fish and kill gives you no peace. You can kill and eat the prey without anyone throwing stones at you as long as you follow the rules.

Typhoon Berti, Kill Bill, Chapter 1

Don't imagine that in Sweden trout roam like dwarf catfish in Lake IOR. There is also pressure on fish, better or worse days, richer or poorer lakes and rivers in fish population. The lake in the video was a happy accident following an ill-fated pike fishing trip with Roin and Kim. A rainy day where we didn't catch much, missed a few big pike and sacrificed a few perch for dinner. Nothing special. The hint of happiness came from a friend of Roine's who called him to inquire if we were successful in our fishing game on Umealven. Following the negative answer and our location, he gave us a share location with the respective lake, located a few minutes away from us. "Go have fun with some suicidal trout."

Three Ladies and all three with Berti Taifun

Father Roin told us two children, I and Kim "You have 15 minutes to do your jamb, then we have to leave because the shops are closing and we have shopping to do." Yes, Daddy. What happened there I tried to compress like Tarantino, ha, in the few minutes of the video. I had already hummed the soundtrack at the crime scene, The Whistle Song, replaying in my mind Ema Thurman hacking the Japanese on the conveyor belt. what was fun I killed with a smile on my face, a bighead fish, as specified by the regulations of the fishing license, I ate and did not cry. what is sad That every year, since the Revolution, a bad remake of the famous movie Kill Bill is poured daily into our lakes in the country. To the last trout. To the last pike. Down to the last predatory fish.

If this tragicomedy saddened you, I recommend a dose of Perfect Day or a portion of Burger. For the good fly, we have FlyFishing. So next year you are also going to Sweden? Don't forget about Berti.

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