Breaking news, Savage Gear 2021 reels, sneak peek catalog!

Breaking news, Savage Gear 2021 reels, sneak peek catalog!

"The Savage Gear circle is complete - now you can add Savage Gear 2021 reels from your favorite brand to the predator fishing arsenal. When we decided to create the first range of reels Savage Gear, I knew it wasn't going to be an easy job. To create quality reels, which we were delighted to put the Savage Gear logo on, we had to go back to the drawing board and start from scratch to make sure everything would be to the highest standards. The whole project lasted more than two years and is the largest investment in the history of the brand - I did not choose shortcuts in this race, nothing was borrowed "off the shelf", I did extra miles and then a few extra! More important than the money we have invested in this range is passion. A team of elite fishermen from Europe and the USA contributed to the creation of these reels - from the initial idea to the testing of the finished collection. We didn't do it just because we decided what reels we should make and what features they should have, we created reels that meet all the requirements of fishermen with different skills - step by step, these reels are really made by fishermen for on the stairs."

Hans Maasbøl

CEO Savage Gear

“The Savage Gear 2021 reel range includes four series for freshwater and two series for saltwater - some created with a faster recovery ratio, others with a traditional recovery ratio, found in other reels as well. Everywhere you look, these reels inspire quality and innovation. Probably the best example of innovation are Vaseline and Oil, Dura Grease and Dura Oil, which has been completely customized, made and developed specifically for Savage Gear reels. Unlike traditional reel and Vaseline reel oil, Dura Grease and Dura Oil operate consistently at temperatures between -30 ° C and 160 ° C and provide much better grip, ensuring that the gears are always covered with a protective layer, even at touch. This greatly improves the corrosion resistance, the quietness of the gears and makes the parts inside the reel much more durable. They are also completely biodegradable products. ”

Thomas Sanotra

Director of Product, Purchase and Marketing Savage Gear

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  • Looking for a niche in a very busy market means having to grow economically; they probably haven't heard of "growth limits" or they have nothing to do when they were such good and customized manufacturers of lures and accessories, where they were original, although in fishing the phenomenon of "growth limits" is most visible, the tools there are more and more, (+ this fashion to take a "line" from a certain manufacturer, another form of you would put the "badge" of the neck to many national) fish, less and less, so more expensive and more 'share'-uit, by the C&R method; on the other hand to come up with a new product of medium premium quality, it means to be, as a producer and as a retailer, realistic, entry level, do not buy new tools but can support the financial circuit
    to fish (and sell / buy) well, in the NWO and in Colonia Ro!

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