The pursuit of fishing permits 2022, between the bag and the gods

Like every beginning of the year, of course after I coughed up the last confetti, I started to make myself, what every housewife does, fishing permits in 2022. I knew exactly what I had to do and what awaits me, because it has not changed nothing to do with obtaining fishing permits in 2022 compared to 2021. The same servers blocked on for the free permit for the Danube, uncontracted waters and the Black Sea, the same problems of transmitting documents on for border permits required for fishing on the Danube in border areas.

Turkish sack and free fishing permits in 2022

I started the fishing permit hunting campaign in 2022, fixed for January 2nd and… so as not to feel alone in this whole story, I did a teasing on Facebook with information on obtaining fishing permits. So, to gather more, we used the title "Do you want to make a" bag "legally in 2022? Get your ANPA and DDBRA fishing permits for FREE. ” Title that I put more jokingly, more seriously. More jokingly because the majority of Romanian fishing citizens who make a "bag" get angry when this term is used and because the ANPA permit is FREE (wrong in my opinion) not only for Romanian citizens, but also for foreigners. How about foreigners? Free of charge? Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either Can Yaman. Hence the picture from that post and the introduction to the article you are reading now, photo with Turkish fishermen on the Istanbul bridge. Stay calm and go through to the end if you want to know why Can Yaman has a fishing permit and you don't.

Do you want to get rid of your bag before you get your fishing permits in 2022?

I take the Facebook posts above and gladly embraced the comments from the fishing groups where I was "accused" of click bait, neo journalism, "What is the picture of Istanbul looking for here?", "Why are you making us bags?", some gentler, others with "Dead and wounded". After all, the purpose was informative for any fisherman, whether sport or satchel, to have at hand an article with links and steps for obtaining 2022 fishing permits, NAFA, DDBRA, Associations, Border Permits. I sincerely apologize publicly to those whom I have offended by the term "bag", but with the video amendment above that there is also a cure for confinement through confession or repentance.


Yes, Can Yaman has an ANPA 2022 fishing permit in Romania

Returning to ANPA 2022 fishing permits. How is Can Yaman?

Charismatic actor Can Yaman became an international star after starring in the series "Dream of Love" with the famous actress Demet Ozdemir. Production in which he received 100,000 Turkish lira per episode (approximately 10,000 euros). While many of his Turkish colleagues chose to collaborate with the Netflix platform, Can Yaman (31) decided to move to Italy, where he had already started playing in major series and quickly became extremely popular with public. He speaks fluent Italian and English, so it was easy for him to clap for two important projects: the adventure production "Sandokan", whose filming has been postponed to next year, and the series "Viola come il mare", in which he is filming in present in Rome and Palermo, together with the famous Italian actress Francesca Chillemi, who also seems to have become his girlfriend. "

Well, doesn't he deserve a free ANPA fishing permit for 2022? Don't worry, I didn't dilute it, I also did a google search "Famous Turkish actors", I chose a random one and now it has a perfectly valid ANPA fishing permit for 2022. You do not believe? Be patient until the end. Okay, it wasn't really random, Can Yaman seem like the kind that catches and releases? Going back to the 2022 ANPA fishing permits, you still may not have, that the site does not work. Frustrating, isn't it?


And yet, Andy, how did you get your fishing permits in 2022?

Well, the site is blocked, normally, not only for me, for everyone, as at the beginning of every year. A short research on Facebook on the comments in my post and the posts of other fellow fishermen suffering and I find out what I already knew. Copy paste 2021, most of the successful attempts to issue 2022 ANPA fishing permits took place between 2.00 and 4.00 AM. Or after it passes wave 1, end of January, beginning of February. I personally started "Ianuarie Roșu's hunt " even if it seemed like a closed case at the moment, as ANPA well communicated to us on the main page:

“The mulHappy birthday Romania! Due to the large number of requests, the application for the issuance of recreational fishing permits may not work within the parameters. We are working to fix the problem. Thank you for understanding."

With disagreement between subject and predicate, small skids of elementary grammar, I understood the message. Patience, tobacco, refreshment, Turkish speaking. I have patience. And tobacco. I'm a Turkish quarter.

About ARBDD, only good, 2022 fishing permits

Long before COVID 19 and the digitization of communication with state institutions in pandemic (a great success in bureaucratic Romania) the ARBDD website never disappointed me when it came to issuing online fishing permits, tourist access, car access on the platform their. So, my first fishing permit in 2022 was the DDBRA. Entered on, completed information, instant issuance, first step towards legality FREE ticked. Execution time 10 minutes. Drunk with success, I refresh ANPA, open another ANPA page in another window, according to the good time I was in front of the computer, 2.00 AM. Result: "Session expired or too many requests." And tomorrow it is day.

White fishing permits 2022 for black days, on associations speaking

This is where I chose AVPS Acvila, as in the last three years. Why? Because the lake Snagov, for Drill, for Arrow, because the Cup Garmin, Savage Gear, because LRS has a protocol with AVPS Acvila through which they are made popular on Lake Snagov and LRS members (Romanian Spinning League) pay a fee of 55 lei per year for the issuance of the fishing permit. In addition, based on the permit, I can fish on Snagov Lake -integral from DN1 to Gruiu (Șanțu Floresti), Colentina River (Buftea, Flămânzeni, Buciumeni, Mogoșoaia, Chitila Lakes), Dâmbovița River (on the whole portion from the entrance to Ilfov County and until the exit from Ilfov County, but be careful, without Lake Morii). In short, sent proof of payment, proof of LRS membership, copy of bulletin, letter of intent to Acvila email address. Step 2, ticked, ANPA white Aquila permit, associations, received instantly by email, info contracted waters, 55 lei invested with love, with purpose and hopes for a better future.

Gods of border permits

Logically, legally and normally, in order to fish on border waters you need a border permit, abbreviated PG. A few years ago I obtained PGs from private fishing associations where I issued my fishing permit or requested them directly from the email addresses of the departments. Border Police depending on their location. Everything until the long-awaited digitization has arrived here as well. The rules are simple or so it seems. Download and complete one "Form for approving recreational / sport fishing activities in the border area for individuals" with the personal data, after which you fill in the same personal data again in a page of the Border Police website, you attach the form, the identity card and the fishing permit valid for the current year (ANPA, ARBDD). Then check that you agree, that you are not a robot and click on send. If you are human, it appears to you "CAPTHCA verification failed. Please try again! ”, if you are a god it is displayed to you “Thank you for the message! Your request has been sent to PFR-AP-PF 234234, and a copy has been sent to the e-mail address provided on the form. " I'm human. After 15 unsuccessful attempts, I started looking for solutions on this case "Where did I go wrong?". I had suffered the same thing last year, but there was a successful solution that I could not remember. I also click on ANPA, so to maintain the shape. Everything is forbidden. It's a day like any other.

Codarcea maneuver, about "false" gods in 2022 fishing border permits

I start looking for posts on Facebook about ANPA and PG permits and I reach the page of the (re) named Marius Codarcea, new owner of PG, where, here is what I find in the comments to a Posting on fishing permits 2022 ANPA:

Marius Codarcea

And what can I say today I woke up with 2 PG… out of 5 requested yesterday

Xilumenu Oviedo

Where did you ask for them?

Marius Codarcea

On their website the border police Portal PFR

Xilumenu Oviedo

You are a God. I didn't manage to send ... I'm still getting errors, that I didn't fill in the fields with an asterisk, that I'm not human, that I'm in the millions of euros posted on official sites

Marius Codarcea

After 3 days of trying I think I found the solution Application, after I had it in PDF, WORD and other formats I made a print, cut it out and sent it to JPG. I did the same with the bulletin picture and it worked

Xilumenu Oviedo

Let's try everything. JPG. It allows me to fill in all the fields with stars

Marius Codarcea

Then it means I have files or I'm really a god

Xilumenu Oviedo

That's it. You're no longer a god.

Well, don't I start over? And give it and convert PDF to JPG, make it print screen, shrink pictures, name them, rename them, change laptop on PC, switch to phone, change browser, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and so on far away. After another 10 failed attempts I realize that Ovidiu Ursachi (aka Xilumeno) actually had the absolute truth about the success of the PGs and Codarcea is not a god. I write in the diary to call Ovidiu in the first hours, after which I try again the chance with the ANPA fishing permits, nah, it was the right hours of attack 02.09 AM. Busy, please come back.

pike fishing tips

Do not make a carved face, especially in the case of fishing permits and fishing on the Danube

My mistake, fatal, I admit, how to believe in Codarcea and not to resort to Ovidiu Ursachi? Well, who is the god of natural fishing on the Danube, ANPA permits, border and capital halls? Said and done, the next day I called Ovidiu and asked him for an audience at optical store he's working on, but I didn't tell him why. He greeted me with a smile on his face. "You've got it too, you don't see it up close and you need glasses, don't you?". "No, I'm still talking" I replied to him and told him all the nonsense about the ANPA permits, the PGs and that I came to him with a hat in my hand like a god, to show me how to do it. "Anyway, at least I didn't go down without explaining myself first.". Well?

The first ANPA fishing permit, the first day of fishing on the Danube in 2022, the first legal “bag”

Well? Well, Ovid says: “As it was past 00.00 on New Year's Eve, I got my ANPA permit, on January 1st I was fishing on the Danube where I caught a 30 kilogram catfish that my son put me to bring home. Fixed on January 2nd you post… Do you want to make a “bag” legally in 2022 as well? Get your ANPA and ARBDD fishing permits for FREE. I felt targeted and guilty. The question bothered me, how did you know? ”

Back to the future, 2022 fishing permits, border permits

We laugh, we joke, we tell each other stories, but we also move on to serious things. The PG. How did you do it? Ovidiu takes me to a series of questionnaires: did you do as Codarcea said ?; did you put big or small pictures ?; did you check all the boxes ?; did you write the correct address, email, CNP, series, etc ?; did you put +4 before the phone number?… What? How to put +4, I did not put. "Aha, that's how it went for me!" says Ovid. "Give me your phone, have your pictures saved?". Of course I have them. And my Ovid starts to enter the data, me with the ballot in my hand and with my fingers crossed. Once, twice, three times, change uppercase to lowercase, put larger pictures, smaller pictures, remove address slashes, commas, hyphens, uppercase, lowercase, +4, 004, and and so on. That's how it's done, until you succeed. At test number 6, there are some photos where they have to identify traffic lights to check CAPTHCA and Ovidiu gives me my phone. Big mistake. Out of emotion, I think I ticked them wrong. Goodbye PG! But we don't give up, we start over three or four more times. Then we give up. "Listen Ovidiu, I still think they have something personal with me or it's a matter of negative energies. Don't want to try again on your phone? Maybe that's how it works. ” And it worked, right from the start. Thanks to Ovid and his Android phone. You are an indisputable god.

Release to fishing permits 2022 ANPA

They've all been tied up too much lately, I couldn't help but come out with the free ANPA permit. Saturday, January 8, 2022, 14.09, after 1578 failed attempts, attention… tam, ta, ta, taaaaam, I'm trying so jokingly and what to see? The ANPA website is up and running. So the tip was good at 2.00, but PM, not AM. And give them permission. Not just me, but some friends. "Somebody stop me!". Being on the wave and feeling like a Neo in the Matrix on the ANPA website, I also licensed Can Yaman. What to see, it worked. It will work for you too, I give you positive energy, of course until the site is blocked again or the maximum permit limit on Romania is reached. And it will soon be known when Can Yaman will give the string in the country that ANPA fishing permits in Romania are free worldwide.

Serious guide for obtaining fishing permits ANPA, ARBDD, PG

If you have come this far with reading and still need extra information and links to obtain these permissions, click on ANPA permit and ARBDD permit, nothing has changed since 2021. If you haven't read this article in its entirety, whether you haven't had the time or entered here on click bait, you can't just click on the links with the information above or you'll be overwhelmed for FREE that you I indirectly made the bags and you jumped straight to the neck and at the end of the article, you have above a much more explanatory video than what I wrote about fishing permits 2021-2022, a movie YouTube made by Sorin Tot.

PS Honestly, now with the permits in my pocket I should feel much better. But I don't feel it, yes, "I want a country like this". A country with a single site from where I can, attention, PURCHASE IONA (for a fee) all fishing permits in Romania, be they NAFA, DDBRA, NFA, AGVPS or from other associations that have water in concession. There is such a thing, take a look at the Swedish model,, a young site for several years where all these things are possible in a very simple platform in the 2022s in which we live. Yes, they have a phone app. Will something like this happen to us in the near future? I, a believer and a dreamer, say yes, because that would be normal. Patience and tobacco.

Stretched threads, increase in fishing permits and legal bags for 2022 I wish you!

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