Danube Delta Predator Challenge, the contest of the year!

Danube Delta Predator Challenge, the contest of the year!

The Danube Delta Predator Challenge 2020 competition was not a coincidence. The team behind the event, of which I was part, prepared this competition for a year, bringing together the experiences gained from participating in the national LRS championship, renowned international competitions and FIPS World Championships, all of which are included. in the regulations, the development and the application of Predator Challenge. Of course, the host of the event, the 5-star location in the Danube Delta, also made a great contribution. Lebada Resort. No less than 38 sponsors believed in this project, who supported the highest level of awards given so far in Romania at a sport fishing competition.

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Danube Delta Predator Challenge 2020 International Competition

Danube Delta Predator Challenge, organized by Net Bet, Tackle Arena, Lebada Resort, under the auspices of the Romanian Spinning League, is announced to be the strongest sport fishing competition for raptors ever organized in Romania and, why not, in Europe. Shortly after the publication of the competition announcement, the 100 available places were fully filled, moreover, another 30 teams were registered on the waiting list in the hope of vacating a place. Through the participation of teams from Bulgaria, Germany, Moldova, Poland, Sweden, DDPC won in the first phase and the character of international competition, a good exercise to try again in the future to organize a World Championship of raptor fishing in the Danube Delta.

Poker Fest

Originally scheduled for April 1-4, 2020, DDPC is not limited to just a fishing competition, in collaboration with Net Bet and Poker Fest, throughout the event, Holdem poker tournaments were announced daily, accessible to both professional players and for participating fishing teams.

danube delta predator challenge

Covid reprogramming 19

In the conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic and the new rules of social distance imposed by the state, the event was moved between September 23-26. The poker tournaments were canceled, international participation was no longer possible, some of the teams and sponsors withdrew for objective reasons and yet, under the given conditions, DDPC managed to line up 93 teams at the start and organize the largest fishing competition for kidnappers in Romania.

Danube delta

Where, who, what, how?

The contest took place in teams of two fishermen, from a boat, to predatory fish, in the Danube Delta on a radius of 25km around Crisan, for two days, the host of the event being Lebada Resort. For the first time in Romania and in the Danube Delta, all four representative species of predators, pike, pikeperch, avat and perch, scored in a simple and efficient system, catch & photo / video & release (catch, photograph, film, release) so that all fish caught immediately returning unharmed and unharmed to their natural environment.

Predator Challenge application

All this being possible by using an application on the phone, developed especially for this competition, Predator Challenge, an application available on IOS and Android. All boats are equipped with an organizer with GPS systems with the help of Nexus, for monitoring in case of emergencies or exceeding the competition perimeter by competitors.

fixed arbitrage

Arbitration Danube Delta Predator Challenge

The refereeing system, another first, was simple thanks to the Predator Challenge application. The 10 largest fish caught in the two days of the species scored: pike - 40 cm, pike - 40 cm, avat - 30 cm, perch - 20 cm. The ranking was made in the order of the total centimeters accumulated in the two rounds, from a maximum of 10 fish, 1 centimeter = 1 point. Each extra dotted species (avat, pikeperch, perch, pike) received a bonus of 100 points. Bonuses were awarded after the team had 10 approved scoreable fish of the four species. The ranking was made in the order of the total centimeters accumulated in the two rounds, from a maximum of 10 fish, each cm representing 1 point. The fish were measured on the ruler provided by the organizer, photographed in the position indicated on the ruler, and the photographs were sent in real time on the application / website of the contest for validation.

Real time ranking

Also in real time, the ranking could be viewed by any user of the application. In addition, as an extra precaution, all teams aiming to occupy seats 1,2,3, had the obligation to shoot nonstop from the boat of the two rounds. As the competition was conceived, in order to occupy a leading place in the ranking, the adaptation of the fishermen in catching the four species on the most generous competition track as a perimeter, the Danube Delta, prevailed. Teams with old states in competitive fishing realized quite quickly that avat will be the winner in accumulating points, given that the pike did not show its tail this year in the Delta, the perch were only meant to bring bonus points , and the salaries refused to collaborate in decisive numbers.

ddpc classification

Final ranking

The experience in competitions and the results obtained over 14 years that national championships LRS have said their word this time in winning this competition. see STANDINGS in extended form.

From the media point of view, in addition to your traditional partners LRS, RapitoriMania.ro and F&H Channel (the film runs on TV), the event benefited throughout Digi's support through daily on-site news on all sports channels.

In addition, for four days, with the help of Blitz Technology, the Danube Delta Predator Challenge event was broadcast live on the Facebook channels Eurosport, SportExtra, Liars, DDPC, with interviews, filming of boats, rankings, predictions, award ceremony, etc.

Danube Delta Predator Challenge 2020 competition awards

In terms of awards, again for the first time in Romania, their value exceeded 50,000 euros, the prizes consisting of boats, thermal and electric motors, sonar, fishing equipment, gadgets. All participants had a chance to win at the end of the competition, apart from 1,2,3,4,5 places and the biggest catches, dozens of prizes awarded in the raffle system by drawing lots. see here winners and prizes in the Danube Delta Predator Challenge raffle system.

CMMC Avat - Lucky John rod + lie - Mihai Draghici, Mihai Bosea

CMMC Biban - lancet Gabie Rod Building + lie - Vitalie Sirbu, Gheorghe Grecu

CMMC Salau - Octavian Torescu Custom Rods rod + lie - Florin Petrov, Olimpiu Ban

CMMC Pike - ASava Custom Rods rod + lie - Mihnea Pasek, Cosmin Cernatoiu

5th place - products 1000 euro Relax / Tackle Arena - Gabriel Iliescu, Ionut Stefan

4th place - products 1000 euros Lucky John / Tackle Arena - Codrin Cozma, Marius Chira

3rd place - Products offered by Garmin and Arrow international - Garmin Force Trolling 50 Inch 24V motor + Garmin Striker Plus 9SV GPS sonar - Cosmin Schiopu, Ciprian Lazar

2nd place - Products offered by Lebada Luxuary Resort, Pro Nautica, Repo, Tackle Arena - Black Sea Fishing Boat + Suzuki 20 hp engine + MinnKota Power Drive + Rebelcell battery) + Peridoc Repo TRK75 - Richard Pavel - Dorin Popa

1st place - Products offered by Net Bet, Allround Marine, Repo - Spider boat + Minnkota Ultrex + Humminbird Helix 9 + Peridoc Repo TRK150, 2 Tudor Tailor suits to order - Eugen German, Petre German

Thanks to the sponsors:

Net Bet, Lebada Luxuary Resort & SPA, Tackle Arena, Garmin, Humminbird, Lucky John, Minn Kotta, Repo, TCL, Xiaomi, Bravo Phones, GoPro, Relax Lures, Toyota, Activ Design, ASAVA Custom Rods, Bergenbier, Berti Lures, Boats Paint, Daiwa, Delalande, Fast Mode, Gabie Custom Rods, HidroTurism, Himalaya, Hobby Mall, Holbina Trei Bibani, Lapland Pike, Moscot, Nexus, North Silver, Octavian Torescu Custom Rods, Rebelcell, Refuse To Blank, Tellur, Thinq, Tudor Tailor.

Over time, in terms of participation, Romania has proven to be a world power in competitive sport fishing for raptors, as evidenced by many national LRS championships that have generated batches with leading positions in international competitions and World Champions FIPS Danube Competition Delta Predator Challenge 2020 comes as a preamble and a confirmation that Romania is ready to organize strong competitions, even a World Championship on the most spectacular competition track in Europe, the Danube Delta. At least that's what I think!

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