Daiwa Tournament D Fine, panic lures!

 Daiwa Tournament D Fine, panic lures!

That's what I called the Daiwa Tournament D Fin after chopping envelope after envelope through the teeth of the halls. And there were a few, at the first purchase made many years ago I made a small hole in the budget.

I assume that these gums no longer need presentation, being for many years in the top of the preferences of predatory fishermen. But still, in short, these are the attributes that have consecrated them: Japanese materials and design, soft plastic impregnated with salt and squid aroma for taste and load-bearing, ribbed tail, ie fine beating on low recovery speeds or on falling, can be used on any hook, be it offset, dropshot or jig regardless of the size or weight of the ballast. Swim damn well And catch fish, all the species of predators they pass in front of.

Daiwa Tournament D Fin

Why did I call them search or panic gums? As cool as the soft material is in the evolution of the lure through the water, so damaging is the resistance of these gums in the teeth of predators, and their price is not available to everyone. Especially when at a good fishing game you can chop, without realizing it, a few dozen gums. So, going back to the title and its explanation, personally, in order to eliminate from the losses, I use them strictly to look for fish with them. And panic when I don't get caught. Aaa… and in competitions. But it is definitely worth every extra lion.

Available in sizes 7.5cm, 10cm and 12cm, I caught with them on all the waters in which I fished, both in the country and abroad, on rivers and lakes, spring, summer or autumn, perch, saltwater, pike, bass even if you have. As a color palette, I generally use ayu, green pearl, pearl, chartreuse ayu, orange shiner, rainbow. In fact, if I think about it, I don't think it's a color I didn't catch. What is certain is that I do not miss the kit wherever I go fishing in this world, be it predatory fish!   

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