Why Garmin Sonar. Why Striker 9SV?

Why does Garmin Striker sound? You probably expect me to tell you about the latest equipment from Garmin, probe Panoptix, engines Force, networks, functions Livescope or Real View 3D. Well, no. Today we talk strictly about low budget and best buy when you need a high-performance sonar.

For quick outings and fishing trips that do not involve very long trips on the water, I decided to use a boat that I tried to equip with a minimum necessary for fishing from my point of view. Everything on an optimal budget. I'll tell you about this boat and the rest of the accessories mounted in a future article, no, no, it's Hiros Yacht, but it is still Hungarian. Until then, let's get back to the topic and why Garmin Striker sounds.

So why sonar Garmin Striker 9SV?

I made this decision for several reasons:

  1. First, the price. The difference is significant between Garmin Striker and other leading manufacturers for a sonar with a screen9 inch, GPS, WiFi, technologyadobe with down and side image functions (CHIRP ClearVü and CHIRP SideVü).
  2. I can make my own bathymetric maps using the function Garmin Quickdraw ™ Contours.
  3. The icing on the cake and an important factor in the final decision was Garmin ActiveCaptain App. It is a phone application through which you have access to all the maps and points saved in the sonar. Practically everything you have on sonar, you have on the phone. And vice versa. In addition, you can import other bathymetric maps shared by other Garmin users through ActiveCaptain. You can download maps, create routes, points of interest, please, the application has many other functions that I will tell you as I experience them.
  4. Due to the function WiFi I can connect all your devices Garmin, sonar, clock between them and with the phone application. On the models Garmin GPSMap and EchoMap you can also connect video cameras Garmin Virb 360Garmin Virb Ultra 30 and probes Panoptix and the engine Force. But that's another story em we're writing this one too.

Garmin Striker sonar and Active Captain application

Said and done, I bought the sonar from Arrow International, distributor Garmin, I created an account on the Garmin website, registered the product and connected it with the application ActiveCaptain from the phone (downloaded in advance, free of charge) through the network WiFi.

All good and beautiful so far, both menus, application and sonar, are user friendly, meaning you do not have to study too much to manage, even without the help of tutorials on YouTube. As I said, the application is free and can be downloaded here: https://buy.garmin.com/ro-RO/RO/p/573254

How to import GPS points from older sonar

Because models Striker they don't have a card slot, data transfer (routes, GPS points) can be done either by sonar-sonar method (there are two connecting cables between Garmin devices) or simpler, as I did, through the application ActiveCaptain. Mandatory, for the transfer, the file with your old data must have an extension “.Gpx”. If you have the points / routes saved with another extension (.kmz, .gdb, etc) it's not a problem, there are programs or convectors online, just google it! Once the file is imported .gpx on the phone, the application ActiveCaptain it recognizes it and saves it automatically. Then you can import them into the sonar. Simple as hello.

Data transfer and soft update

With devices connected to each other through the network WiFi you can export all data from the application in sonar and vice versa. This way you will have all the points, routes, bathymetric maps on both devices. About how many? Internal memory of 3GB of the sonar can save 5000 GPS points (Waypoints) and 20,000,000 acres of bathymetric maps. I think that's enough. Also with the help of the application I made a software update to the sonar, I set the sonar to receive notifications from the phone. In addition, wherever you are without sonar, you can mark your GPS points on your phone and then import them into sonar. Big like.

Garmin Striker navigation and bathymetry maps

Well, I didn't do enough research here before I bought the sonar. The whole range Garmin Striker does not benefit from functions and maps for navigation, these being available only for models Garmin GPSMap and EchoMap. It remains to be satisfied only with the bathymetric maps, both with the ones that Garmin users share and the ones that I will make. And there are a lot of them, all over Europe, for free, you can see them or download them here:


Other discoveries

The sonar unit is very light compared to other screen sonar devices 9 inches, so it can also be used as a portable sonar in possible trips abroad. The sonar housing is waterproof and the whole assembly a little floating, that is, floating. That is floating, I found out from Ovidiu Bradatan who also has a Striker Plus 9SV and unity escaped into the Danube. He put his hands on his head, scratched the damage and left. Luckily he looked in the boat, surprise! The unit floated quietly on the water, probably due to its low weight and tight housing. However, don't try this on the water!

Extra bridge

Before mounting it on the boat I played with Striker 9SV the home. Not having a 12V source / battery available to power the sonar, I used a laptop charger, Striker supports a voltage supply between 10 and 20V. Nothing smelled burned after a few hours of buttoning.

And yet why does Garmin Striker sound?

I admit that I am not the first to use this sonar Garmin Striker 9SV, before I bought it, I buttoned it to a few friends on the boat and it seemed to me since then the best option quality versus price for a sonar with screen 9 inch, GPS, WiFi, technology adobe with down and side image functions (CHIRP ClearVü and CHIRP SideVü). This is provided that you do not intend to connect it to the network with the electric motor or to use navigation maps. Another big plus, from what I saw, the community Garmin grows rapidly, every day new bathymetric maps are made available to users ActiveCaptain all over the world, including Romania. As soon as I will make available the bathymetric maps from the lakes where I will fish this year, until then we will see ourselves healthy on the water!

PS: For budgets under 3000 lei you have available models with smaller screens Striker 4, 4CV, 4DV, 5CV, 5DV, 7SV, 7DV. (Legend 4 = 4 inches diagonal of the screen, DV = down view, SV = side view)

More technical details, information, prices, Garmin Striker sound tutorials:

Arrow International - Garmin distributor in physical stores:


Garmin Romania - online shop:


Active Captain - online map and PC application:


Active Captain - download application for Android and IOS smartphones:


Garmin YouTube Channel:


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