Avat fishing in 3 acts. Day 2, three in a boat!

from the previous episode, Avat fishing with rattlin wobblers. Of course I would have caught with other lures, maybe even better, but, as I said, I wanted to do a test. In most of the fishing trips I have had and not only, rattlin wobblers they have always proven to be very versatile. You can launch them far, you can activate them at any traction speed and you can raise or lower them in the water level at any depth you want. And I catch fish. Always. Not only avat.

Avat fishing in the Danube Delta, day two

Okay, so I knew the place, I knew the lure, I went to the avat again in the evening. This time I was not alone, I fished with Ciprian Hrisca and Chef Sorin Bontea. Of course, I with the same lure, Yo Zuri 3DS Vib 60, Ciprian cu Helic from Berti and Yo-Zuri Vib, Bontea with what he wanted from us from the kits.

It's the day when…

I didn't have much time, about an hour, so I had it in the evening. Until Sorin woke up where, how and with what to fish, the day ended. Competitive as we know it from the pike story he told us that we didn't let him go fishing, that we didn't give him the bait he needed, that there was no room for us in the boat. And that he takes revenge the next day. Peak and thick! You realize he beat us again, sorry, but this is a another episode. He also fished in the Danube Delta.

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