Avat fishing in 3 acts. Day 1, place and lure.

For me, there is no way out in the Danube Delta without fishing for at least an hour, in the evening, for avat. On a trip to the Delta, after the ban, for three afternoons I had fun fishing with a single rattlin wobbler. It wasn't a coincidence, but it degraded another test, I had set my eyes on Yo Zuri 3DS Vibe 60 for some time and I knew he would tick the avat. That's how I started this three-part mini-video series "Avat fishing with rattlin wobblers".


Fishing avat plus Murighiol equal love

Said and done, it reached the Danube Delta on the loop from Sf. Gheorghe. The first afternoon, after taking my dose of pike, pikeperch and perch, I started speeding (regularly) to the avat places in the Murighiol area, places close to our hotel host. Egreta Hidroturism.

About rattlin wobblers

Of course I would have caught with other lures, maybe even better, but, as I said, I wanted to do a test. In most of the fishing trips I had at avat and not only rattlin wobblers they have always proven to be very versatile. You can launch them far, you can activate them at any traction speed and you can raise or lower them in the water level at any depth you want. And I catch fish. Always. Not only avat.

Does color matter when fishing?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no, being a lot of variables in this equation I prefer the bright colors in the first phase, such as this neon green. I and the fish see them better. For me, it always worked on clear and cloudy water, rarely having to change this color with a more natural or more discreet one.

Why "Avat in three acts"?

Well day 1 was about places and confirmation of the lure. On day 2, I started again in the evening at the avat, in the same places, with the same lure, but this time with Ciprian Hrisca and Chef Sorin Bontea, on day three it was a massacre! And it wasn't just about avat fishing with rattlin wobblers…

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