Fishing camp with children, Danube Delta 2020!

 Fishing camp with children, Danube Delta 2020!

Last year, after successfully completing the first edition of "Egreta Hydrotourism Children's Camp", we promised to continue this project every year. Despite the strange times we live in, we managed to re-edit in 2020 a new connection between the Danube Delta, parents, friends and children with the Fishing Camp with the children of the Danube Delta 2020.

How was this year? He tells you in his unique style Mihai Bobonete in the company of a video Magic by Robert Tudor.

Sunset in the Danube Delta

Fishing camp with children, Deta Dunarii

Monday afternoon when the sun was burning like you said that, in a complete silence in which only the humming of bees collecting willow still breaks the monotony of the moment, at the water's edge, in Murighiol at the mouth of the pontoon Hidroturism, a nice Turk with blue eyes he sits next to a blond Romanian with green eyes and smokes tobacco. The boat swings easily and the dialogue is just out of sight, they both wonder when the others will appear. As if in a dream, a minibus immediately enters the parking lot and boys, girls and their fishing fathers get out of it, this being the load that the Turk and the Romanian had to transport to Egreta Hidroturism where, from now on, 4 dream days spent by fishing parents and their children, some at their first experience in the Danube Delta.

mihai bobonete

Danger of children!

The story is a long one, we all hurried to anticipate in vain that our offspring will be eaten by mosquitoes, that snakes will swallow us alive children, that wasps and tarantulas will want to harm us and all this because regardless of the fact that some of us we spend around 50 days at least a year in the Danube Delta, you tend to listen to lay people.

About the Danube Delta, about one, about another

The Delta is far from a dangerous land for children, on the contrary, it is a unique place on this globe and the beauty of the Danube Delta is not better discovered than in late June and early July, when pelicans swarm in herds. hundreds of specimens above the lakes looking for the right thermal, when the swans go for a walk on the shine of the water with their chicks and when the cormorant snorts like a broken hundreds of kilograms of fixed fish in the places where you want your carefully selected gum.

Energy and positivism

What's more, the sunrises and sunsets lived with the little ones, were truly magnificent, the fact that they fished and caught fish in one after the kidnapper, the fact that they liked our boats arranged to stay 10 hours in the stage, that they threw non-stop in the hope that they would catch even bigger, that they liked the way on the waves, that the Magician Robert Tudor turned their minds upside down, that Albu, Boanta, Ionescu, Grecu and the others -they gave presents in their backpacks, that the cook cooked everything their heart wanted, that they laughed, played, made friends and we stayed with them for so many days in a place full of energy and positivism meant a lot.

The Danube Delta is a good place to get to know your child and have a few days of peace and beauty.

The unique moment

Friday at noon, on the arm to Murighiol, the Romanian drives a boat, the Turk is on another, in each of them there are parents and children who go melancholy to the shore, our dream meeting ends and the stories of the moment had been written but in the back seat of the boat, in the light of the gentle sun, the final sequence of this unique and spectacular film is cast. The wide frame, the exterior of the boat, the smooth running of the boat and the silence of the others give birth to the unique moment… a father hugs his boy and both look each other in the eye, he, the father says:

- Thank you son, I realized that I have a very good, good child and that makes me extremely proud… that I knew you now differently than I knew you… I love you!

The child looks at his father and responds easily so that others do not hear him:

- I love you even now but even before these days… you are the best father.

Final… Generic… Music

Mihai Bobonete

Testimonials Fishing camp with children Danube Delta 2020

I come regularly to the Danube delta around 2004 and it is definitely the first time I leave here happy and unfished. I saw dear friends again, I met beautiful people, but the most important thing was that Toma, who had asked me at home if he knew any children there, returned home with new friends. (Emil Grecu)

After two days of compilation, after running four days in a loaded environment, it turned out to have no bugs. It is the first meeting in the years spent in programming. Congratulations to the system architects, investors, coders, testers and last but not least the users. If it is published, Maria is looking forward to V.3 with great enthusiasm: "It was a great camp and I can't wait to go next year too! ” (Bogdan and Maria Sofonea)

Thank you for the joy of meeting wonderful people, beautiful in face and soul. All the time you put on your spouses, the time spent with you flew by. At the time of departure, the child expressed his perplexity: "Why are we leaving, I just came!" I appreciated the "connecting children", where respect was the dominant shade, ambitious and dynamic children. We also love the Danube Delta and Egreta, but we frame the days spent with you in "special days with special friends". (Lucian Condrea)

I think this camp was a wonderful experience and a great opportunity to spend more time with our children. On one side of you I knew them for years, on the other hand I met them here and I realized that the passion for fishing brought together special people who form a special community. I hope that next year we will all meet again, especially since Matei asked me, when the camp was not over yet: “Daddy, when are we going to the fishing camp? We're going next time, yes?!? ” (Gabi Astefanoaei)

I go to the Delta 9-10 times a year, at least 3 times with my family, the rest to competitions, but by far this was the coolest experience in the Delta since I went with the "ever" family. Super excited children, I asked them during the camp and on the way back, the answers were superlative, we want more! I discovered some really "soulful" people and stories and began to understand something of LRS history from 2006 onwards. I realized that I have a lot in common with some people I didn't know very well until now and I radically changed some points of view. My wife tells me on the way back "I like this group much more and I I got along very well with the ladies. ”Finally, it was for the children, but we didn't feel bad at all and I can't wait to repeat the experience. (Catalin Ionescu)

I don't know the words, but the smile on the face of Rares, my child, says more than I could write. Thank you! (Ion Viorel)

I spent some wonderful days with my children and I managed to see them from another perspective. We had beautiful days with you, we met beautiful people and I hope to see you again as often as possible in this formula (parents + children). My Mihai said in the car on the way home: “Now I understand why I go and stay in the Delta for so many days, it's not just about fishing.(Robert Boanta)

We really liked the fishing camp! We became new friends and really learned what a passion for fishing means! We had a great time fishing from the boat with our father and uncle and we can't wait for next year's camp! (Zara and Sabina German)

I felt very good in the fishing camp with my family. By the way, I made new friends again. About fishing, he got weaker than last time, but I enjoyed each fish with my friends. I just got home and I already miss the kids, fishing and the Danube Delta, I can't wait to see you again next year. Japan, the year of the crucian, the year of the perch! (Andrei Arif)

The second part of the children's fishing camp for me was something like this: more friends, a lot more fun, but also more catches. This year I felt like a champion! 😜 Thank you dads and everyone involved. I look forward to the third part… (Eva Hrisca)

An event that has completely confirmed the superlative. From the show offered by Magic, to the treasure hunt contest or the friendly one to catch fish in the marina or the walks on the Delta canals. I feel that we, the parents, have given our children a few special days together, children who often suffer when we go fishing. Needless to say, I can't wait to see you next year. (Cristi Albu)

egreta hydrotourism

Fishing camp with children Danube Delta

It is probably one of the few articles that I have nothing to complete, the energy of such an experience being difficult to synthesize in words, photos, stories, videos. I recommend you to live it with your friends and children in the Danube Delta.

Last but not least, I want to thank all those involved in this project, in random order, Dan Ghinescu and the staff Egreta Hidroturism, the host of this event, Cristi Albu - Fishing & Hunting for backpacks and rugs, Dan Mateianu - sensors for nothing crap, faces, platica, oblete, Ion Viorel - for boxes with "crawlers", Robert Boanta - for silicone sweets and fish, Berti Handmade Lures for the avat kits, Catalin and Alina Ionescu for the prizes and the organization of the coolest Treasure Hunt "Ever", Emil Grecu for pool gifts and Marian Nitu - Decathlon Veranda, Mihai Bobonete and Lebada Resort & Spa for a great swim in the pool, Chef and Captain Ciprian Hrisca for a 5 star meal with burgers, water transport & assistance, entertainment and training of children in the secrets of fishing for raptors, The magician Robert Tudor for the Magic shows and the positive energy with which he charged us new adults and children every day. (Andy Arif)

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