Fishing skipping at the pikeperch and perch on Snagov!

 Fishing skipping at the pikeperch and perch on Snagov!

I fished skipping at the pikeperch and perch on Lake Snagov. A fishing game with few fish is not missed if at the end of the day you learned something new, at least from my point of view. The same happened at the LRS stage in Snagov, where, despite a disastrous result, I was left with a new experience in terms of skipping.

What is fishing skipping?

I will not go into this topic very much because I am not a specialist in this technique, even if I use it every time I need to fish under pontoons, trees, reeds or other obstacles. In short, skipping is a lure release technique that repeatedly jumps to the surface of the water to reach hard-to-reach places. We all took our first skipping lessons as children when we played "pebble" or "frog" throwing flat stones on the glistening water, which jumped several times or went on to win. This would be a simple definition, for depth I recommend you search through the YouTube archives where you will find a lot of tutorials on this technique.

Wobble jig flat as stone, fast as arrow!

Returning to Snagov, skipping is a must have on this lake, the pontoons being the last stronghold of fish suffocated by poaching pressure, nets, electricity, forks, bipeds. Without having time for training, I relied on this style of fishing from the start, hoping to find the points that bring points. In the official training, reaching the first pontoon, Robert takes out an envelope with a wobble jig and asks me: "Do you know these?". I knew them as a form for a long time, a kind of swim jig that evolves like a wobbler, with beating on the flanks on falling and in recovery, action similar to that of a wobbler, hence the name wobble. What I didn't know was that Robert had found their application in skipping. Do you remember when you found that perfect flat stone for the "frog"? Well, about the same feeling I withdrew at the first launch under the pontoon with wobble jig, the bullet went!












Fishing for skipping and perch, a beautiful game.

Even if at this stage the fish were not under pontoons, this still happens… and failing to adapt to the competition conditions, for two days we played as children under pontoons, reeds, willows exclusively with wobble jigs. The results, as I said above, were below expectations, but the skipping game brought us more fun to each fish caught. I never left him. The last pike of the day was caught by Robert, without a wobble jig, but also with the skipping technique, throwing under the reeds bent in the areas where the threshold was right on the shore. I know you all have jigs and lures packs, but make room for a few wobbles, go fishing and try this technique, if you don't catch at least the fun is guaranteed. Even the turkeys approved of us in the choir!





















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