Tips for fishing with rattlin wobblers

The sonic wobblers, without chin, got their name from rattling, entered both in our folklore and in their country of origin - USA, precisely due to the inner balls (rattles) that lead to maximum values the turbulence created by the lure. Whoever fished with such wobblers understands what it is all about. In addition to the strong vibration produced during pumping, the balls generate a specific noise, amplified by the plastic body of the lure. And the fact that they dive quite quickly in depths where only the jigsaws excel, makes them excellent means of fishing in contact with the substrate. This is just one of the strengths of rattling wobblers. But today we talk more about the pike, on the substrate, we leave avatias, perch, pike between the waters at another time, in another article.

voblere rattling

Rattlin? Let it be noise

It's been a few years since I caught my first rattlin wobbler. The noise caused by the inner balls and the possibility to fish on the bottom of the water were the elements that convinced me that I have to insist with this type of wobbler. Until I got caught. And I caught on pretty well when the jigsaws didn't work. I have used them since then in all seasons, in all fishing parties, regardless of whether the salaries were active or not. Sometimes they didn't work, other times they saved the games I thought were lost. But I'm really good at fishing, from launch, evolution to trait. So, let's move on to the title of the article, Tips for fishing with rattlin wobblers.

fishing rods

Equipment for rattlin wobblers

I had the best results with a baitcasting set, Daiwa Steez Flexlite rod, Daiwa Zillion Type-R reel, equipment that I generally use for wobbler, rattling and crank fishing. The permissiveness of the Flexlite blanket (similar to fiberglass rods) has always helped me not to have missed features or lost fish in the drill. On the reel I prefer to fish with monofilament (fluoro coated) of 0.28 mm. It seems a bit thick, but I need breaking strength so as not to lose the wobblers in any hangings. So monofilament and softer rods on the top, longer than 2.20 m, that's what I prefer, but I also use multifilament and shorter rods, if I have them at hand.

How to fish for pikeperch

At the pikeperch, on the lakes, I like to fish in the "rugged" areas with hangings, threshold breaks, stones. After I have positioned myself on the "hot" place, I start probing with a heavier jig to form an idea about the underwater structures. Then, after the wobbler reaches the bottom of the water, a very slow crawling recovery begins. I try to keep a route as close as possible to the hooks, obstacles. I recover slowly, about a second at a turn of the crank. After four or five turns of the crank, I stop for 3-4 seconds. The attack on the halls always comes to a halt. When the salai are on the plateaus and apathetic on top, I try to animate the wobbler even more slowly, at the limit of its evolution. The attack is either strong, short and dry or very fine, felt like a rod weight. In both variants it stings quickly, even if sometimes the sensation of difficulty is given by the entry of the wobbler in a structure.

A wobbler was coming on the Danube

On the Danube, where the water current makes its mark, along the thresholds, I do a kind of classic jigging. I gently lift the wobbler from the substrate, leave it back on the bottom, pause. If I repeat. From time to time I make a wide lift of 1-2 meters. Besides the hall, I had other surprises, pike, perch, catfish, sometimes you had when they were not playing on the surface.

avat la rattlin

Avat combat

At the surface is another story with a show. I launch the rattlin and mill it at speed, linearly, without stopping, sometimes as fast as I can. How fast? At maxium as much as I can physically and as much as the reel. The features are heart attack. When the avatians are below or in the anaphora, I let the wobbler slowly descend on the current until the substrate approaches and I play it vertically with ample raises from the rod. I don't like to do this in particular, but sometimes this technique brings fish.

I know that

Pike, canal fishing

I had another experience with pike on the Delta canals (natural and enclosed) with the animated wobbler in the same style as the pikeperch, alternating with linear, constant recoveries, moderate in recovery speed over a few meters.

Gum tips

Sometimes predatory fish follow the wobbler, but do not attack it. If after four or five launches on the same route I do not have the feature, I alternate fishing with jigs and gums, a change of the lure and its evolution can convince the apathetic salamanders to attack in the end. Then I switch back to rattling. In most cases this method works, I use it in the same way on perch when fishing with cicadas, at five or six launches with cicada they give gum on the same route. If the attack does not occur on the gums in a short time, they return to the probe with reactive lures.

Tips with anchors

There are a lot of watters ratting on the market, you have a choice, I started and remained faithful for many years to the Jackall TN model, then Yo-Zuri VIbe. Starting from the premise that whatever I do I will lose 2-3 wobblers, at the sacrifice, in the hanging areas, I use models and low budget: Strike Pro Flap Jack. To save more victims, I sometimes equip the wobblers with double hook anchors, instead of the triple ones.

Tips for fishing with rattlin wobblers, instead of closing

In short, that's what I give. Some play rattles more vertically, others recover them more aggressively, everyone can form their own style of fishing. From my point of view, there is no wrong way to animate a lure as long as you constantly catch fish with your technique.

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