Andy Arif versus Robert Boanta, 4Predators Challenge, Sarulesti!

In the fishing with soft lures at the pike I had two colors that gave yield on almost all the waters I fished. Both for pikeperch, but also for pike and perch. Whether the water is clear, cloudy, stagnant or flowing, the colors Motoroil and Blue Pearl have always brought me lying fish. Starting from this premise and from the possibility to make any color I want at 4Predators, I thought of combining the two striking colors in one gum. What came out? Turkish Delight cod L044.


Arif Turkish Delight versus Boanta Pink Ghost

The first test was a short distance after I produced the color Turkish Delight, as much as a rod throw. More precisely, after a few days, I scheduled a fishing game with Robert on Sarulesti Lake. And since we both like challenges, we decided to fish exclusively, each, all day, with one color. I, normally, with Turkish Delight, Robert with Pink Ghost, each three envelopes, Slim Shad, Finesse Impact and Worm Shad models, in competition conditions. Score only the fish boarded, taken out by hand, without lying.

Special guest fishing at the saloon with soft lures, Chef Sorin Bontea

In the early hours of the morning, Robert took over with Worm Shad Pink Ghost, until Slim Shad Turkish Delight came into action. You can see what happened next in the video above. Witnesses to this competition were Chef Sorin Bontea and Daniel Bontea's brother, the team that caught the biggest catch of the day.

Normally, any color had to pass several tests until we passed it to the catch category. I am waiting for your opinion, fish and stories about this color, Turkish Delight code L044. Thread stretched!

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