Fishing on Lake Sărulești or how to catch perch, carp, bream, shad and sturgeon in 24 hours!

 Fishing on Lake Sărulești or how to catch perch, carp, bream, shad and sturgeon in 24 hours!
Fishing on Lake Sărulești or how to catch perch, carp, bream, shad and sturgeon in 24 hours! When you propose this as a general theme, you cannot miss a fishing trip on Sărulești. In addition to the usual gear for raptor fishing, together with Bogdan Doncea, we left armed with an arsenal of fishing rods, feeder rods and some carp tackle to catch as many species of fish as possible in 24 hours of fishing on Lake Sărulești.
stationary fishing

Fishing on Lake Sărulești in 24 hours!

I have always tried to simplify fishing as much as possible, regardless of the style adopted. I don't like to carry things that I will "probably" use. I boil down to exactly what I know I absolutely need. In the present case, I carried from the house to the car, from the car to the boat, from the boat to the shore, from the shore to the hotel and so on, a trunk full of bait, lures and tools, so that we could catch bream, crucian carp, carp, perch , saddles and whatever. Finally, a sturgeon. Big. Because, yes, we are fishing on Lake Sărulești.

Fishing on Lake Sărulești and Pescar Hoinar

Before leaving Bucharest, I called Ștefan, at that time the administrator of Sărulești Lake, now Pescar Hoinar, to ask him to be our guide for this short expedition. He answered us positively, even though we had not chosen the best time for fishing. "Come with frames, a feeder bait and two chairs, we can handle the rest." In the first phase we mounted and arranged all the fishing tools, waiting for Stefan to direct us to the first place and fishing style.

Fishing on Lake Sărulești, for bream, before

We started fishing for bream from the boat on a threshold opposite the hotel. Classic fishing with 6 m pipe, 5 m water, 1.5 g rafts, 0.14 mm line, hook no. 10, a half frame caught at the end, left to hang (tip learned from Stefan). The bream began to respond without hesitation, Stefan tells us to hold the smallest ones like the palm in the jewel - "We need them later".

Fishing on Lake Sărulești, for sturgeon, back

Around noon, Ștefan gets us in the car and we set off with all the tools and equipment we have for a new fishing spot. "Between 3pm and 5pm, the sturgeons start to feed, we don't have much time available. In half an hour I was already fishing on the next spot with six carp rods mounted on bream fillets for sturgeon. "Usually, sturgeons respond quite quickly, if we don't have any traits in an hour, we might be in vain," Stefan informs us. While waiting, we set up two feeders and continue stationary fishing in the hope of catching other species in addition to bream, namely crucian carp and carp. We tick only a few bream and a small carp caught on the rods of some neighboring cracks that were gone by boat to plant their mounts. In two hours, no sturgeon traits - no problem, we still have time for a half tomorrow.

Fishing on Sărulești lake for predators

Until the evening we have time for a fishing with predators. When you know the lake well and you also have a suitable guide, the kidnappers do not delay to appear, not the saddle, not the perch, not an accidental crucian with the jig in its mouth. We scored three more species, we are satisfied, the sunset and Stefan suggests that we should retire to the hotel. The last release and Bogdan starts shouting "Bah, bah, baah!", Accompanied by the barking of the reel brake from which the wire is rolling with a dizzying speed. Stefan and I try to be blinded by the glow of the water that happens, Bogdan tells us: "Not in the water, up in the sky!". The trajectory of the jig launched by him had intersected with the night flight of a stork, resulting in a jig stumbled on the poor bird's leg and a drill on honor. Bogdan blocks the drum with his hand and breaks the thread - "It's good that he escaped safely, he doesn't score, but I have the biggest catch so far".

Fishing on the Sărulești lake at the feeder

On the way to the hotel, Stefan swims with a tabby hazelnut in a place in the orchard submerged by "high voltage". "Here we fish tomorrow on the feeder and pipe, target species carp, to put thicker lines, it will be fun when it breaks!"

Finally came the long-awaited moment, but later, around noon. On the second day, the first hour of the morning was, as expected, also dedicated to the kidnappers. We alternated between multifilament and monofilament, between jigs of 5 and 12 grams, between gums of 7 and 10 cm, between banal and screaming colors, that's how it is at the palau and that's how we like to play on Sărulești.

Fully satisfied with the first part of the day, we set off again with fishing rods, feeders and the sturgeon calabash to the place where the monster lived. The bait, the threaded bream, we would catch on the spot, so that it would be fresh. Said and done, we try on fishing rods, nothing, we load the feeders' baskets, we launch and in a few minutes we start sorting the plates, much too big for the winning mount made of palm-sized plates.

This time we load only six rods with fillets and the scorching sun pushes us to wait under the shade of the willows. I continue fishing on the feeder, Bogdan stretches a hammock between two willows, Stefan falls asleep on a carp chair, calmly flat waiting for a single feature.

A short beep can be heard at the farthest rod (these being stretched along a shore length of 50 meters to cover as many places as possible), and in the place where Bogdan slept, only a hammock can be seen swaying. "Fish!" When we arrive, Bogdan is in the drill with a large specimen, judging by the curvature of the rod.

Fishing on Lake Sărulești, mission accomplished

Follow Stefan's advice and don't force the fish, slowly pump it from the rod, calmly, so as not to drop the hook from his mouth. After 15-20 minutes and 2-3 jumps in which I could see what is at the end of the wire, the sturgeon gets tired, Bogdan enters the water and follows exactly the instructions of Stefan: “Bring him next to you, catch him with your hand tail, give the rod to Andy and support him with the other hand under his head, he will sit quietly ”. I take the rod, take out the hook, and the fish stays motionless for pictures and filming for a few minutes. It is not in vain that this species has survived on earth so far - when it felt that the photo shoot was complete, it left explosively and without the right of reply from Bogdan's hands. How many kilograms and how long was he? It really doesn't matter anymore. A beautiful fish, as you can see in the photos. Mission accomplished.

Fishing on Lake Sărulești or how to catch more fish

We have a few more hours and we go back home, so we try to score a few more species. If we weren't lucky with a pike, maybe we can catch a big carp, a complexion or, who knows, a buffalo. We get back on the boat and go to the bait place the night before with feeders and fishing rods. Still full of adrenaline from the sturgeon episode, we only score with a few bream and stingrays, other specimens didn't bother us anymore. Thus, we concluded a 24-hour instant fishing on Sărulești.

Sturgeon fishing on Sărulești Lake is done only in a specially arranged place. The guide takes care of everything: transport, equipment, bait, mounting and good cheer. You basically come with your hands in your pockets, you are guaranteed three features and drill assistance, to take it out for the photo shoot. If you do not shoot the monster, you do not pay the value of the fishing day.

Fishing on Lake Sărulești, for rapiers, fishing with a fishing line, fishing for carp, fishing with a feeder, fishing for sturgeon, fishing with...

In my opinion, there are no fishermen totally dedicated to a single style of fishing. You can't help but like the image of a gradually submerged cork, the moment when the trout collects from the water film the artificial fly that you struggled to put behind a boulder, the dry hammer of a pike's feature, the bent tip of the feeder, the surface attack of the pike, the fine groping of the perch, the explosion of feeding the avatars, the sound of the buzzer accompanied by the croaking of the carp reel and many, many more, as long as you don't try them. Otherwise the drills are all about the same. You can try many of these sensations in Sărulești.

Thank you sensors for carp bait, Ihamac for the rest between the willows and the administration of Lake Sărulești for this fishing game.

Additional information about taxes and fishing on Lake Sărulești:

Address: Sărulești, Călărasi County

Phone: +40 761 757 843

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