Free fishing permit information 2023, ANPA, ARBDD, Danube, Danube Delta, Black Sea!

 Free fishing permit information 2023, ANPA, ARBDD, Danube, Danube Delta, Black Sea!

Let's start right into 2023, I got my 2023 fishing licenses in less than a few tens of minutes, ANPA (Danube and Black Sea), contracted waters Association Eagle (for lake Snagov, river Colentina, lakes Buftea, Flămânzeni, Buciumeni, Mogoșoaia, Chitila, river Dâmbovița) – 65 lei for members LRS, DDBRA (Danube Delta) and border permits for fishing in border areas. In contrast to the last year, Dear Bears, I don't need you anymore, sic!

Fishing license news 2023

Regarding the fishing permits in Romania, it remained like a poem, time passes, time comes, everything is old and new, what is bad and what is good, you ask yourself and calculate. ANPA Danube and Black Sea, ARBDD Danube Delta permits remained free, but for the issuance of ANPA permits you will have to answer two or three questions from the fishing legislation, legislation that all sports fishermen should know. In my opinion, a good first step in educating Romanian fishermen.

Informfishing permit tips 2023

For help, on the website, find the answers to these questions and other useful information.

At the moment the wrong answer does not block the issuance of the permit. In the future, however, this will lead to the blocking of the process for a period of time. Resuming the issue process with the wrong question answer will result in a new process crash. To help those who wish to obtain an ANPA permit, we are publishing a series of helpful questions with related answers for obtaining a recreational fishing permit, extracted from the ANPA website. The correct answers are those bold.”

Returning to the ARBDD, the good news is that the access rates in the Danube Delta, tourist, car, boat, have not changed, at the moment, even if there was a law Project In this regard. The bad news is that it has changed drastically the amount of fines for violating the laws of the Danube Delta.

Stretched threads, increase in fishing permits 2023, to read the legislation and happy birthday, because we didn't hate each other this year!

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