Information ANPA 2021 sport fishing permits!

 Information ANPA 2021 sport fishing permits!

In 2021 there are three types of ANPA 2021 sport fishing permits which must be issued in order to be able to fish legally in Romanian waters.

ANPA 2021 Danube permit with its arms and uncontracted waters from Romania

ANPA 2021 Black Sea permit

ANPA 2021 permit Water contracted by Romanian associations

The first two permits (Danube, arms, uncontracted waters and Black Sea) are free according to Law 1/2017, and is broadcast online on the ANPA website. The third, for Contracted waters, is issued by the Sport Fishing Associations in the areas where you want to fish in the amount of a membership fee.

ANPA permits are valid only accompanied by the identity document used for issuance and are not transferable from one fisherman to another.

Info Sport fishing permits ANPA 2021

ANPA fishing permit is free, issued and released online by the National Agency for Fisheries and Aquaculture.

The ANPA permit is a document certifying the right to legally practice recreational sport fishing in natural fishing habitats not contracted by sport fishermen's associations, except for the Danube Delta.

ANPA permits are issued annually and are valid until the end of the current year.

Any fisherman can issue and use all three types of ANPA permits.

Careful! Fishing in border waters

To fish in the border areas you also need the Border Permit (PG). This is an additional approval to the ANPA permit, required for fishing in border waters. The PG is issued by the Border Police of the county to which the fishing area belongs. PG permits can be obtained online by completing a applications and a form, the documents are issued free of charge within 30 days.

Contact ANPA


Phone: 0374.466.140, 0374.466.139

Fax: 0374.466.138


All three permits are not valid in the DDBRA territory. see Fishing Permit Information in the Danube Delta for further information.

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