Information Sport fishing permit in the Danube Delta ARBDD 2021!

 Information Sport fishing permit in the Danube Delta ARBDD 2021!

The fishing permit in the Danube Delta 2021 is FREE and can be issued online from the DDBRA website and physically from the vending machines installed at the DDBRA headquarters in Tulcea or the Information and Visiting Centers in Chilia Veche, Crisan, Sulina and Murighiol. For access to the Danube Delta, besides Fishing permit you will have to have and Tourist access permit, Boat access permit and Car license if you want to enter the territory of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve by boat or car.

arbdd fishing permit

ARBDD fishing permit cost

Free, according to Law 1/2017

Cost of ARBDD tourist access permit

5 lei - one day

15 lei - 7 days

30 lei - until the end of 2021

The tourist access permit is free for pupils, students, pensioners, war veterans, former political prisoners, disabled people, individuals who live in the perimeter of the reservation or in neighboring localities (localities that have full or partial administrative land inside the reservation) .

Cost of ARBDD boat access permit

20 lei - 7 days

100 lei - until the end of 2021

The boat access permit is free for individuals who reside in the perimeter of RBDD or neighboring localities.

Cost of ARBDD car access permit

10 lei - one day

100 lei - until the end of 2021

Other information for obtaining permits Danube Delta 2021 ARBDD

All DDBRA permits can be issued online and paid by bank card.

DDBRA permits can be stored in electronic format on the phone for verification by the authorized organelle.

ARBDD permits can also be purchased by SMS to 7494 with the text TUR1, TUR7, TURAN name, AUTO1, AUTOAN car registration number or AMB7, AMBAN boat identification data.

Any problems encountered with issuing permits online can be sent by email


Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Administration

Address: Str. PORT No. 34A, Tulcea, Romania - 820243


Central: +40 240 51 89 24 +40 240 51 89 25

Secretariat: +40 240 51 89 45

Fax: +40 240 51 89 75


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