Lapland Pike Fight Club, Stefan Trumstedt, Andy Arif!

"Welcome to the Lapland Pike Fight Club. The first rule of the Lapland Pike Fight Club is: don't talk about the Lapland Pike Fight Club. The second rule of Lapland Pike Fight Club is: DO NOT talk about Lapland Pike Fight Club! The third rule of the Lapland Pike Fight Club: if someone screams "fish", limps or is beaten, the fight is over. The fourth rule: only two fishermen in a fight. Fifth rule: one fight at a time, boys. The sixth rule: the fights are without weapons, only rods and ghosts. Seventh rule: the fights will continue as long as necessary. And the eighth and final rule: if you're at Lapland Pike Fight Club for the first time, you have to fight. ”

And me and Stefan Trumstedt I broke the first two rules. And Alban Regnoult. We talked about Lapland Pike and pike in the Ångermanälven River, Åsele. And we'll talk for a long time to come. The only one who managed to reveal absolutely nothing about the big pike and the Lapland Pike Fight Club was Butcher, Alban's dog. Respect!

In June, together with Stefan Trumstedt, I did a workout on the river Angermanälven, sixth, where it will take place in August Lapland Pike, probably the most important competition in northern Sweden. With valuable information received from Alban Regnoult, owner Lappland Pro Natur and certainly the best fishing guide in the area, we set off in search of the pike that will score in the competition, only those over 70 centimeters.

After a full day of fishing, about 12 hours, statistically speaking, the Ångermanälven river rewarded us with many pike, most of them quite small, only a few over 70 centimeters, two around 80 centimeters, one 94 centimeters and a giant pike, over 20 centimeters, so in the eye, dropped on Stefan's boat. Of course, Stefan caught the big ones with Miuras Mouse and the smallest I with spinnerbaituri, oscillating Berti and Pig Shad Jr. 15cm.

A difficult competition is announced because the 80-90cm pike did not come out as expected. On the other hand, I saw and had big pike rods, so I wouldn't be surprised if the average of the winning team out of 5 pike that can be scored in two days of competition will reach the 100 centimeter barrier. We will never break the eighth and last rule: "If you get to Lapland Pike, you have to fight. ”. And there's another, “Remember, it all started with a mouse” - Walt Disney.

Even if those 80 seats were filled at Lapland Pike, enrollment is still possible on a waiting list. If one of the registered teams withdraws, you still have a chance not to miss the best pike fishing competition in northern Sweden.

Stay close, here on, Facebook and Instagram for more news about Lapland Pike, August 19-22, Ångermanälven River, Åsele, Sweden.

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