Lost in Lapland with Miuras Mouse, pike fishing in the dam, episode 2

 Lost in Lapland with Miuras Mouse, pike fishing in the dam, episode 2

If you haven't missed the first episode with pike fishing and Miuras Mouse "Lost in Lapland with Miuras Mouse, Swamp Fishing, Episode 1" I remind you here:

"Pike fishing with Miuras Mouse, from the shore, can be that simple, at least in Sweden. Put two Miuras Mouse powered by Strike Pro in your pocket, open the app Iphiske, you put in the search bar the targeted species, in our case "pike/pike/gädda", you catch a Swede at "Take me, nene!" and you point to where you want to go on the map. If he seems friendly, you simply tell him to take you to a pike spot. I'm everywhere. And pikes and Swedes. Here, in Romania, it's a bit more complicated and with fishing permits and with the pikes and the hitchhiker. But not impossible, hope dies last."

Miuras Mouse returns, episode 2

The next place I walked the shore mouse was a dam on the river German where pikes sit like beers in crates. It was a quick session, I didn't catch very many or very big ones, but enough to satisfy my craze for pike fishing with Miuras Mouse from the bank. Will follow. What's next?

More pike fishing and Miuras Mouse?

The whole month of January will be the sign of fishing for pike and Miuras Mouse, both on the blog AndyArifPunctRO, as well as on Andy Arif Youtube channel. As you have seen and hopefully appreciated, I have uploaded the first two videos, one more to come, so warm up. Then you will learn everything you need to know about this unique lure from its creator, Maurizio Miuras Carini and how to fish from some of the puppeteers behind the famous Miuras Mouse. I only give one at a time, so break a like, a share, a subscribe, a comment every year so that it reaches everyone.

A little quote from what will follow

"Once the lure has entered the clip (the stage), the greatest theater play seen live begins. Are you there. You are the confidant puppeteer. Waiting for the climactic moment, when the audience rises (from the depths), applauding the open stage. Moving from metaphor to reality, I remember, with goosebumps, the hundreds of games in which the Miuras unleashed, bringing pike that I only dreamed of once, beating my personal records from one game to another. And since then, everything went naturally, creating a close connection between me, as a fisherman, and this "artist" with a taste for works of art." – Voicu Alexandru Gabriel

Read The history of the creator and creation of Miuras Mouse!

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