Misu, the dreams on the Ebro, the bacon and the Transylvanian!

 Misu, the dreams on the Ebro, the bacon and the Transylvanian!

The other day I was telling a friend about my first expedition on the river Ebro, a unique experience lived 9 years ago with colleagues from Drill club, Alex Trandafiropol, Bogdan Doncea Cox, Cristi Anghelina, Mişu Sofonea, Eugen German, Petre German and our friends based in Spain, Emilian Opincariu, Cristian and Cătălin Melinte. I relived memories of bass fishing, pike fishing and last but not least about sleep fishing with crank wobblers on the train, memories that were put on paper at that time in the late magazine Fishing For All.

Do you know the one with Misu, the wobbler fishing, the bacon and the Transylvanian?

Although many experiences have resulted from this experience, we have not been able to comprehend everything that happened in that week of total fishing. Especially the parts where we rolled on the floor laughing. “Do you know the one with Misu, the wobbler fishing, the bacon and the Transylvanian? Did I tell you? ” I asked my conversational friend. Knowing Mişu personally, he burst out laughing instantly… "No, I don't know her, but she's definitely one on the character's level". After I told her, she said, "There's no way, you have to blog this!"

Sell, buy, call yourself a fisherman

If I think about it, this is the only story in which Misu buys something and doesn't sell anything. Those who started fishing for predators in the early 2000s certainly know what they are talking about. I don't think there is a fisherman from that time who didn't buy something from Mişu that he didn't need, at a high price, but in the end he was also satisfied with a smile on his face. It also happens nowadays at fishing fairs, you can find it in the stand at Berti. But let's get back to the story of fishing for sleep with crank wobblers on the train.

Fishing with crank wobblers part 1

On one of the days of the expedition, Misu and Cox venture on the Ebro to the town of Chiprana, to the praised tree, to try to catch a few sleeps on the train. The rest of us were left to continue fishing for bass. They returned late in the evening, ruffled by the long road on the water, over an hour's boat ride away, with knotted rods, broken wires, and no anchors on the wobblers. They had fallen asleep, but had not taken anyone out of the boat. They had a silly smile on their faces… "Tomorrow we're going there too!"

Sleep fishing with crank wobblers part 2

Emilian and I decided to go fishing with Misu and Cox the next day, but we didn't have deep crank diver wobblers and Chiprana was quite far from Caspe where we camped. To save time, we make the plan, Cox and I leave with the boats on the water, and Emilian and Mişu with the car to stop on the way to a fishing shop to buy wobblers and some stronger anchors. I told Misu not to waste time in the store, establishing the junction in 45 minutes, at the first bridge near Chiprana. I don't get there, we don't stay after them, we go fishing alone, I had two with Cox wobbler Strike Pro Supersonic. Enough.

The fast and the furious

Mişu knows that I'm not kidding when it comes to fishing and meeting time, so when he gets to the fishing shop, he leaves Emilian behind the wheel with the engine running and swirls in search of sleep wobblers. The store is empty, only the seller and a customer wandering through the stands with the stationary. In a Romanian-English seasoned with signs, Mişu tries to find out where the wobbler stand is, but the seller, of course, does not understand a grain. He finally finds it, with great luck, typical Misu, takes the last two Bomber Fat Free Shad wobblers from the stand and a box with Owner Stinger 66 4X anchors.

Mishu, wobblers, bacon and Transylvanian

As he approached the cash register, a loud voice broke the silence of the store:

  • Mr. Sofonea, I can't believe you're here in Spain! Did you come fishing?

Misu looks at the subject, he was the fisherman in the station stand, he tries to identify him, he gives it a comma, he didn't seem to be an acquaintance, he freezes. She remembers running away and frankly asks him where they know each other.

  • Well, I know you from TV, you do great shows with the Drill Club!

Mişu thinks that he participated in his life in only one film, a film I had made with the Drill club in the show Liars on Antena 1 a few months ago. What was the probability that our character from Spain had seen him? Blockage again.

  • No, so what do you want to fish for? That I'm from the area, that's where I know Ebro like the back of my hand.

Mişu explains that he goes fishing in the Chiprana area, in his sleep. The character looks to the left, looks to the right and pulls Misu out of the store's line of sight. He whispers in her ear that only he can hear:

  • Do you have bacon? Brush a piece like a fingertip and put it on the hook. You break them to sleep, one after the other… nobody knows this secret.

Misu refrains from laughing and tells him that he does not fish stationary, but spinning with crank wobbles on the train. Transylvanian blockade this time:

  • Tulai God, what is that spinning, crank and train?

Despite the little time he had available, with the sales patience he was endowed with, Mişu explained to him what spinning, crank and train mean in sleep fishing. He also showed her the wobblers, as an exchange of secrets between the teacher and the disciple. And he didn't sell them, that's the culmination. Our Transylvanian, the character, quietly aspires to all the information receivede, he scratches his head for a few minutes and replies to Misu:

  • Amu, I understand what spinning and crank wobbler fishing is all about.

He pulls him aside again and whispers in her ear again:

  • No, but to put a piece of bacon on the anchors of these wobblers?

Did bacon work in crank wobble fishing?

Judging by the video above and after Emilian and I didn't catch anything, I think so. Surely Misu and Cox either had a piece of bacon, or they anointed the chorizo salami wobblers, that's for sure they had them in the boat every day. Otherwise I can't explain. If you liked the story, read the whole series Fishermen better than me.

Will follow.

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