Miuras Mouse, main role in the big pike scene, episode 3

"The Doll" Miuras Mouse, I knew about it since 2014, but I didn't give it much credit for big pikes – perhaps because I didn't have the right equipment for a 100+gram lure. All this time, curiosity didn't leave me alone, so I got my hands on a Sunburst and a heavy rod (we didn't know each other at all, he was shy, and I was even more so). The mystery quickly dissipated after the first cast among the water lilies. The water was relatively shallow, and I had to keep the lure below the surface, trying to avoid vegetation, and out of nowhere, an Irish crocodile attacked the lightning-fast Miuras. At that moment, I was so fascinated by the image that stayed with me, well fixed in my memory, that I refused to use other types of lures - I was already set on "Miuras or nothing." And that's how I became the collector puppeteer, I don't know if it was intentional or not, but it's certain that we formed, are forming, and will form the best team.

Miuras Mouse on the big pike scene

Once the Miuras Mouse is on the hook (the stage), the most intense live theater performance begins. You are there. You are the confident puppeteer. Waiting for the climax, the moment when the audience rises (from the depths), applauding on the open stage. Moving from metaphor to reality, I remember, with goosebumps, the hundreds of sessions where the Miuras Mouse has unleashed, bringing in the net pikes that I once only dreamed of, beating my personal records from one session to another. And since then, everything has naturally unfolded, creating a strong connection between me, as a fisherman, and this "artist" with the taste of a work of art.

Holbina Trei Bibani, one Miuras Mouse and hundreds of large pikes

The puppeteer's play stretched over several years, until the moment when the pandemic took hold of the entire planet... However, where there is any evil, there is also a bit of good, and my return home to Romania came with the opportunity to work as a fishing guide, playing on the top stage of predator fishing in Romania at “Holbina Trei Bibani”, an opportunity that allowed me to share with many pike anglers the secret of a successful session, telling them that it's simple, "While you have Miuras Mouse, you’re catching fish!" That's what I said from the first outing on the waters of Holbina.

Romania, wake up

In the past years, when I was in Ireland, I remember having several discussions with different Romanian fishermen; they were very skeptical about this lure and its efficiency in the waters of the Danube Delta and beyond. And for me, this subject was enigmatic, but at the same time, I was confident that it would play every piece flawlessly. The first outing on the waters of Holbina was exactly as I hoped. The fish responded very well, attacking the lure with a ferocious appetite, not caring much about its presentation – the important thing was that it was in the water. I smiled, satisfied that this work of art can deceive any pike on the entire globe. Yes! In Romania as well, Miuras make the difference!

How to fish Miuras Mouse on big pike

How do I use the Miuras Mouse? That depends a lot on where I am. In the waters with submerged vegetation (shallow), I hold the tip of the rod up, allowing the lure to evolve just a palm's length below the surface, with small stops and pumps during retrieval, but also reeling relatively quickly and without stops. In deep waters, the technique changes, letting the lure sink into the water mass, then retrieving it slowly, linearly, while also holding the rod firmly because I expect an attack at any moment. If I can't reach the desired depth with Miuras Mouse, I attach a tungsten weight to the first split ring, and the problem is solved. Simple like that.

Alexandru Gabriel Voicu

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