Mustad Jaw Lok, give a dime, but stay in the jaw!

 Mustad Jaw Lok, give a dime, but stay in the jaw!

Before I tell you what's up with Mustad Jaw Lok, I'll start with his words Cristian Melinte, who shortly after moving to Spain discovered bass fishing, which he then practiced for years at a professional level, being on the podium in most bass competitions on the Ebro. After the first impact with saltwater fishing for raptors he gave up everything that meant competitions and freshwater fishing.

"Once you've felt the attack and power of saltwater fish on your rod, there's no going back to your old sweet habits." – Cristian Melinte

Then the blue of the oceans kidnapped him for several years and on Cox, who didn't say anything big to me, but just suggested it to me before I left dominican republic get some serious gear because the saltwater fish will tear my rods like breadsticks, lines like spaghetti. If I told him about the equipment (rods, reels, lines) that I go with what I have and that the kidnapper has not yet been born to cause me problems, Cox said: "Your business, you'll see. At least get some strong saltwater anchors, 3, 4, 5x thick.” I couldn't find strong anchors then, Berti armed my spoons with some saltwater anchors, but thin (normal for fresh water) and yes, I dropped a lot of fish. Cox is rarely right, I will return to him at the end of the article. Lesson learned, I vow to never hit salt water again except with special anchors.

Mustad Jaw Lok, who recommends you?

The need for strong anchors like those from Mustard Jaw Lok I've felt it in the past, if only for a few giant pike, sleep rough or of thrashing barbells. This year I have again scheduled some big fish matches in both salt water and fresh water, so let's look for anchors. Thinking with joy, I see a Posting on the Mustad Fishing Romania facebook page, Mustad Jaw Lok anchors, good for fresh water and salt water, 3x, 4x, 5x, sizes from no. 8 to 3/0/. Exactly what I was looking for, the beret and winner at Efttex 2022 with the prize Best new product. It was the weekend, I couldn't call him Radu Boloca to find out more details, so I took to the Internet.

Mustad Jaw Lok, technical details by Fisela

When it comes to technical details of fishing products, I always search the store File, I like the care with which the product descriptions are made. What I learned from Fisela about Mustard Jaw Lok, I leave you below as well.

"Made according to the latest generation Ultra Point 4.3 tip sharpening technology, Mustad Jaw Lock anchors are sharp and durable thanks to an extensive forging process and the quality of the material used. The result is a range of anchors with the lowest possible weight, but also a tip that is much more resistant over time compared to similar products on the market.

The construction technology consists in welding three different hooks. The direction of the tip is aligned in such a way with the central rod that the fish cannot reject the lure, once stung. Incidentally, the name of the anchor (Jaw Lock – securing the puncture, of the jaws) comes from here.

Each Jaw Lock model features a titanium coating and a unique Gunsmoke color – The product has been tested through continuous use with normal wear and tear for 750 hours in salt water and has lasted 20 times longer than the classic Black Nickel.

The center ring has a thin profile which means a much easier evolution of the lure.

Technical specifications:

Top sharpening technology: Ultra Point 4.3

Superior anti-corrosion treatment

Channels on tip for increased penetration speed

Color: Gunsmoke

Titanium Top Shell

Short shank with oversized eyelet

Size: From No. 8 to No. 3/0

Quantity: 6 pieces (No. 8 – No. 1/0), 5 pieces (No. 2/0, No. 3/0)

Thickness: 3X, 4X, 5X

Light weight – recommended for rigging lures

Products made in Norway"

Mustad Jaw Lok loves Berti and back

On Monday I went bullet to Arrow International, I got a bag full of Mustad Jaw Lok anchors, then I went to Berti to rig me some new typhoon patterns and S's that I hope to show you some nice fish, salt and sweet, with again this year. Eugen said that they are fixed what is needed, resolved with the oscillating, I watered them last week through the waters of the Mediterranean, I did not catch anything, but the Norwegian Sea, the Andaman Sea and the Indian Ocean are next. I still have to equip my microwobbler for the barbell, because yes, this year there is another film under his direction Malin Musatescu. Soon you will be able to watch the first episodes of King Garam on Fishing and Hunting Channel, a super barbel fishing adventure where Mustad Jaw Lok anchors would have brought several big specimens on camera.

If I started the article with Cox, I'll end with him. In short, Cox said that Mustad Jaw Lok anchors are the way to go, so wherever your travels or holidays take you, try them with confidence, throw a handful of oscillating ones in your luggage Typhoon, a kit of lansete travel and fish wherever salt water opens before you. When I grow up I want to be Cox!

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