Pike fishing in Sweden, Lapland Pike 2021!

 Pike fishing in Sweden, Lapland Pike 2021!

It's time to start planning for pike fishing in Sweden, Lapland Pike 2021! The new Lapland Pike website offers a lot of information about pike fishing in Lapland, and, of course, details on registering for the Lapland Pike 2021 competition! Because we lost a year, 2020, we plan to have twice as much fun with this new edition.

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About Lapland Pike

Is it a competition? Well, yes, but we like it more as a reason for lectures, fishing workshops, social gatherings, traditional cuisine and entertainment. Mix all these ingredients with pike fishing in the Catch & Release system and we have a complete fishing festival. Lapland Pike is an international competition designed to give maximum freedom to competitors on a huge fishing area in northern Sweden.

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Competition rules

Scoring pike: Minimum size 70 cm

Result: The sum of the centimeters of the 5 largest pike caught

Teams: Maximum two competitors in the team. Kayak teams can consist of two kayaks or two competitors in a tandem kayak.

Team responsibility: Each team will use a smartphone to photograph their catches on the measuring plates provided by the organizers. The photos will be transmitted in real time in a web-based reporting system, friendly to mobile devices, for data collection in order to compile the ranking.

Fishing methods:

Spinning or fly fishing


Thursday August 19
Official training day

Friday August 20
Official training day
17:00 Welcome meeting at the Åsele Wärdshus hotel
17:30 Lecture
18:00 Pub Night

Saturday August 21
10.00 Registration. Review of the competition rules at the Åsele Wärdshus hotel. Delivery of measuring plates and catch sheets

12.00 Start fishing on the Ångermanälven river. Competitors are free to move boats or kayaks on land along the entire length of the competition track, before and during the competition.
19.00 End of the day 1. Handing out measuring boards and sheets at the Åsele Wärdshus hotel.

Sunday Aug 22

09.00 Start of the meal on day 2. Reception of measuring plates at the Åsele Wärdshus hotel. Start fishing on the Ångermanälven river. Competitors are free to move boats or kayaks on land along the entire length of the competition track, before and during the competition.

16.00 End of the day 1. Handing out measuring plates and sheets at the Åsele Wärdshus hotel.

18.00 Award ceremony at Åsele Wärdshus. (Best team, Best team in the opposite class, Best individual effort (Longest pike) and a bonus prize for the longest perch).

Note: The program is temporary and may change. Any changes will be announced on the site Lapland Pike, page Facebook and Instagram.

The prizes are to be announced.

Registration fee: 800 SEK / Team

Accommodation Lapland Pike 2021

Åsele Wärdshus is a hotel and restaurant located on the banks of the Ångermanälven River in the competition area. The restaurant serves excellent food and has large windows overlooking the river. There is also a Swedish themed bar. Due to the higher number of participants this year, be sure to book your rooms in advance. There are other accommodation possibilities, but it is recommended that all participants be in the same place.


Boat rental

Paddle - 40 Euro / Day

Jackson kayaks with pedals and accessories

Contacted Roine Oberg


+46 70 275 75 25

Inflatable - 80 Euro / Day

Length - 380cm

Suzuki / Honda heat engine - 4HP

Contact Greger Jonsson


+46 70 625 97 30

Boats (fiberglass / aluminum) - 100 Euro / Day

Length - 4.3m
Thermal engine - 4HP
Electric motor - MinnKota 40lbs
Sonar - Garmin 7 ”with bathymetric map and GPS points

Other features: Lithium battery, 12L petrol tank, lie, drift anchor

Contacted Alban Regnoult


+46 73 822 94 82

Pre or post fishing at Lapland Pro Natur

For training, pre or post Lapland Pike competition you can book a few days of fishing at Laponia Pro Natur, located in Gafsele, 21 km away from Asele, on the river Angermanalven. Alban Regnoult, Pro Natur manager, is the best fishing guide you can have in the area.

Accommodation: 160 Euro per night, per house (maximum 4 people in the house)
Boat rental at LPN: 60 Euro / day
Fishing guide service: 300 euros per day with Alumacraft boat: 5.80m, 115HP, high end electronics, I-pilot trolling motor, heel, petrol is included.




Covid - 19

The organizers of Lapland Pike together with the Municipality of Asele assure the participants that all necessary measures will be taken against Covid 19 for the safety of all.

Pike fishing in Sweden, Lapland Pike with Andy Arif, Stefan Trmustedt, Cristi Albu, Matilda Leijon, Andrei Sava, Robert Boanta

If you have planned a pike fishing in Sweden 2021, see also the editions Lapland Pike 2007, 2009, 2018, Lapland Pike 2019.

More information on:

Lapland Pike WebSite


Lapland Pike Facebook


Lapland Pike Instagram


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