Probably the best Phenix travel rods by Andrei Sava

 Probably the best Phenix travel rods by Andrei Sava

So… where did I stay? How did I stay? Well, you missed the article "Travel rods for fishing trips"? Read it first. Okay, if you've read, let's go back to the Phenix by Asava travel rods project. So here we go:

"Whether he comes or not, give me an answer
I don't really think he hid.
Where are you going? Where is?
If only he would give me some news
To know that it exists and that would be enough for me.

Please remind me of my address
When you meet happiness
Flower house, Speranţei street on the ground floor
I am still waiting and hoping for it… ”

How long do you think Andrei Sava called me back? Just the next day, he tells you the rest in the video below. Also in the video, you can see a quick tutorial on how the rods were made and some frames from my expedition from Sweden where I fished exclusively with those rods.

What hasn't been said about Phenix travel rods by Andrei Sava?

That I needed rods urgently, and I was going to Sweden. Sava mumbled in his characteristic style, that he didn't have time for anything, that he had too many rods at work, that now I woke up too… Finally.

Of course he did them, exactly as I wanted them to, according to my face and likeness, and of course they reached me on the last hundred meters, according to his face and likeness, exactly two days before I left.

Joy clothes for travel rods Phenix by Andrei Sava

Okay, the rods have arrived, now I needed a hard cover to fit in Elodia. In two days. I quickly sketched on a piece of paper what it should look like, a triangular cover, and I sent the photo on WhatsApp to Dan Ghiorghiu from Joy equipment. "What the hell is this?" the instant answer came from Dan. "Well, a travel case cover! Help." "Dude, you know I don't do this, I block the whole workshop, the tailor, the seamstress, the embroidery machine… when you need it?" Dan asks me. "Well, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, I'm leaving." I no longer reproduce here the necessary curses received, the end was: "Okay, bring the rods now!".

From today to tomorrow, a super cover for travel rods came out, at least from my point of view and from those who saw it. Only Dan didn't like it, because he's typical and didn't have enough time to do it the way he wanted to.

And I licked her a little. In the evening when I was packing, I found that I had made a little mistake in the measurements, the cover did not fit in the luggage, it was two centimeters longer… Who started the night to cut and file from it? It eventually fit in the luggage, to the millimeter.

Back to travel rods Phenix by Andrei Sava

Even though it was a long journey by plane, with two stops, the cover and rods arrived whole in Sweden and back. What did this travel project mean? Three rods, from three segments, for three different types of fishing. Three is a magic number in numerology and stories, meaningful and in this story, the three rods, in three pieces, were intended to cover three types of fishing in Sweden, medium light, medium heavy, heavy, trout and grayling, perch and pike, big pike.

In the order of the numbers on the shirt, Phenix Red Eye Travel BR3-720MS, BR3-700MH and BR3-780H they carried brilliantly through the waters of Sweden, on rivers and lakes, focused rotary, oscillating spoons for trout, micro jigs with gums and worms, wobblers minnow and crank, spinnerbaits, oscillating L, XL and XXL and gums up to 15 cm .

Why Phenix travel rods by Andrei Sava?

In my and Andrei Sava's opinion, this is a travel kit meant to cover all the necessities of fishing for predators abroad, regardless of the target species, for all lures, as long as they weigh between 5 and 50 grams. And fit in your hold baggage. See here a rodbuilding tutorial about how Andrei mounted these Phenix Red Eye travel rods. Let's just say that Sava and I are subjective when we say that these are the coolest travel rods, but he also said Stefan Trumstedt that, after seeing them in action here.


PS: Speranței Street Bridge

All in all, Andrei makes some sensational custom rods on whites and quality components. If you don't find him, you just have to be patient because he is very caught. In order for him to answer your emergency phone, moreover, for him to call you instantly, place a serious order on and puts on the delivery address Strada Speranței, on the ground floor. It worked for me.

See also the episode Just a perfect day with grayling, trout and one of the Phenix by Asava Custom travel rods!

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