Probably the most important prize won in the LRS stages, the Arrow Cup Stage Ciucașii, predatory fishing on Snagov Lake!

 Probably the most important prize won in the LRS stages, the Arrow Cup Stage Ciucașii, predatory fishing on Snagov Lake!

For me, this year, predatory fishing and competitive fishing have rhymed more with Sweden, even if somewhere, deep down, I admit, I missed that adrenaline from the competitions that only Romanian Spinning League can deliver it. Basca and because in the LRS championship you compete with the best predator fishermen in the country and you learn spinning on bread like Handsome Boy, in two days as others in two years. No matter how advanced you are.

Sweden, mon amour, prey fishing on Lake Snagov

Returning to the country with a ton of memories of Scandinavian pike, perch, trout and grayling, we will talk about this soon, I could not miss the last stage of the national boat fishing championship with LRS predators, Cup Arrow Savage Gear - Garmin. Why? Because… Because fishing for predators on Snagov Lake, Arrow, Drill Club, Savage Gear, Garmin and last but not least directive from LRS President Ciprian Hrișcă: “Arifule, at Snagov we participate together!”.

Snagov, first love, Drill the first Spinning club in Romania

If you have read over time my articles in the fishing press (Fishing Adventures, Superfishing, Fishing for All) or the blog, you know that Lake Snagov is my lake of soul. There I started my spinning apprenticeship in the early 2000's. In addition, the Arrow Snagov Cup is organized every year by the Drill Club of which I am a part and not by chance, the sponsor of the stage, Arrow International through Savage Gear and Garmin supports us in all our actions be they LRS or Drill since 2007.

Brother, brother, but the prizes also matter

I admit that I targeted the prizes at this stage, in addition to the cash ones, I had the chance to catch in the first 11 ranked and CMMC Garmin electronics, generous vouchers from Savage Gear and Joy equipment. It is known that Snagov is a complicated track, being the last stage of the national championship when the title of national champion is played and implicitly the places in the national team, the ranking in the first teams was much harder than at the beginning of the year. Especially without training.

Well, aren't we going to train on the snatcher on Lake Snagov?

Unlike in previous years, at the Arrow 2021 Cup, the pike also scored, in addition to the pike and perch. From the information gathered, we found out that the pike is much more active, you can catch 4-5 pieces a day, the pike is accidentally caught everywhere, and the perch population is declining. One week before the competition, I went to training for two days to try the above on my own rods and lures and talent.

Be a pimp!

Case confirmed. I identified some areas with potential on which I caught the scoring hall where I also had some pike cuts. The possibility of catching 4-5 large fish in one round exists. We located the grouped perch in only two places, capturing them requiring a mix of patience, technique and precision with ultralight equipment, thin threads and micro lures. It was clear to everyone that the perch will be the first to access the podium, but Ciprian, who fishes exclusively for baitcasting, pointed out our strategy very simply: “Arifule, if you want to fish for perch, you have a dead hand in the boat. Our only chance is to play with big fish and then eventually fill it with perch. ”

Official training for predatory fishing on Snagov Lake, Arrow Cup

So we excluded the perch from our strategy, we go to the pike and pike, either to the ball or to the hospital, especially knowing that there are more than 10 teams much better prepared than us in this style of fishing and have much more important stakes than Our. The next two days of training before the competition I used to scan and map the areas of pikeperch with potential, plus finding a place with pike. And I found him. I had several presentations during the two days, leaving the pike untouched for the contest.

Start round 1, compass head place with pike

We arrived first at the pike spot, alone in the whole area we fished for more than an hour. No one bothered us, no other competitors, no pike. However, the fish were there, from time to time a whirlwind next to the boat confirmed that the place has a maximum potential. But not today, maybe tomorrow. On the live ranking of the Predator Challenge application, there are perch after perch, a few pike and a few halls. We also move to the first place with the ponytail, Ciprian accidentally catches the stump we were aiming at, he can't break the thread so he pulls until his rod breaks. He glances at the exploding Steez, then at me, and says, "Arifule, now we have a dead hand in the boat and a missing leg!"

According to the strategy, which we followed, we took in turn all the places of the pike that we knew, we caught, nothing to score. That's all there was to it. But we have fun, as every time we are together in the boat and watch live on the application the battle for prizes, the national team and the title of national champion. It is clear to us that we came out of the prizes, we can only play at CMMC (the biggest catch) which at that time did not exceed 71 cm. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. new Savage Gear reels SG8, SG6, SG4, SG2.

Tassels of the stage, this Angler of the year for us

But still, that means having a teammate, president, strategist, and professional poker player. There is still a chance to enter the prizes! Half an hour before the end of the round, Ciprian brightens his face and says to me: “Arifule, you have half an hour to catch a 15cm perch. We play at Ciucașii stage, I'll explain after you catch it! ”. Said and done, I comply with the president's order, launch, reel, calm, calm and hop the perch into the boat. Enormous! Fix 15cm.

"Ciucașii etapei", a kind of beating ciuca, is a prize offered by the sponsor Ciucaș at all stages of the LRS to the team that ranks lowest in the ranking, but must score in both rounds with at least one fish. So I was in the books again!

Round two, new plans.

We start with the same strategy, maybe we can get a big pike in the first hour in the morning and shoot the catch. Of course I didn't take it, I continued at the pike with the same purpose, but I still caught small and unpunctable ones. Now tracking the app has become three-way. One, the battle for the title of national champion as a fan, two the biggest catch I was still aiming for, three… don't you think we were the only ones to follow the Ciucașii stage award, first round.

We are the champions

At 10.30, Ciprian checks the application and says with a laugh: “Arifule, the catch was taken, Alin Ghioca, 85cm pike. So I'm done with this today. You have half an hour to catch a 15cm perch so that no one beats us at Ciucașii stage, then we go out to help with the organization! ” And give him a fight.

Half an hour of grace passes, I go into overtime, at which point the president starts shouting from behind the boat: "Yes, it's clear I can't rely on you, let me show you how it's done, you don't know anything!" . I don't think he launched three times and he says to me, "Look, what the hell is so hard about perch, I really have to do this boat too…" I turn around and see the monster lying on the boat in all its glory. I scream with joy when I put it on the plate and I see it is fixed at 15cm.

Unbeatable and undisputed, I won the Ciucașii stage award. That's all, it's actually simple. After all, it's not a mess. The secret to victory is to be a little upset. Not much, so little, so to speak, "eh leave."


With a total of 496 perch, 37 pike, 21 pike, well, Lake Snagov reconfirms that it is a difficult fishing track that still sorts champions. But the future sounds good, the population of LRS with pike and pikeperch on Lake Snagov it bore fruit, I caught over 6 days of fishing several specimens of pike and pikeperch that are part of this new generation. Not only me, but also the fish engineers who delivered the juveniles from the village, after I showed them the pictures with the specimens caught. They look like their breeding parents and are the optimal size.

Who caught and entered the prizes? Who are the new national champions? Who represents us next year in FIPS competitions?

Congratulations eugenics and Petre German, Team Daiwa Romania for winning this stage and the other teams that fought to enter the generous prizes offered by the sponsors of the stage. Congratulations Vasile Jarda and Pavel Calance, the new national champions LRS boat division, Eugen and Petre German, national vice-champions and last but not least, Elvis Vigu and Daniel Dinu. The three teams form the national team LRS boat division 2021, a team that will represent Romania at the FIPS 2022 World Championship. YouTube Romanian Spinning League, the ranking by days in the application Predator Challenge, the ranking of the Arrow Snagov Cup 2021 stage on the website

The Danube Delta Predator Challenge follows

Even though we have reached the end of the national LRS boat division championship, the last competition in the LRS competition calendar follows, the Danube Delta Predator Challenge Cup, October 23-24, Danube Delta. Be avat, perch, pikeperch, pike, lots of prizes and lots of fun! Don't miss this event, either from the position of competitor or supporter, because you don't know what you're losing! More details here.

PS: Let the Danube Delta Predator Challenge begin Relaxation

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