Fishing for catfish from the belly boat!

 Fishing for catfish from the belly boat!

The protagonist of this article is Bogdan Munteanu, a fisherman of one piece with experience, explanations and words at his disposal at all times, a good reference for beginners in clonc fishing and not only, more recently also in belly boat catfish fishing. I challenged him on a spring day to test spinner fishing from the belly boat and, of course, to catch a catfish on Tâncăbești lake. So, I'll let Bogdan tell you exactly about belly boat catfishing and watch an exceptional video.

sleep fishing

Small, small, but it lifts in catfishing from the belly boat

Looking at the fishermen from other countries fishing for catfish from a belly boat gives me the idea to try such a game on local waters, of course fishing with a crank. The thrills experienced by the protagonists of the video clips cannot leave you indifferent, especially when you are addicted to big fish and adrenaline. Thinking happily, I soon received an invitation to test some DAM and Mad Cat products, lures, teasers, rods, reels, lines, lures. Don't you also have a belly boat? The positive answer brings us together after a few days on the shores of Tâncăbești lake.

In the morning on a chilly day fishing for catfish from the belly boat

We arrive at the water's edge at 7am, the weather forecast was not friendly, but not even the clouds or the morning chill can make me give up. We begin to unpack the box in which the black toy awaits us, a brand new belly boat from DAM. The first contact with the little boat makes you realize how light it is and how easy it can be assembled, all in a maximum of 15 minutes. I'm eager to get into the water as quickly as possible, it doesn't matter that I don't have a wetsuit, I roll up the pants I'm wearing, put on my paws and launch myself.

clonc fishing

Fishing for catfish from belly boat with teaser

The contact with the water in the belly boat makes me realize that I do not know how to turn left or right with the help of my paws, but with the help of the oars that the boat is equipped with, I turn and go to deeper water. I start fishing waiting for the reactions of the catfish after the first strikes of the clonk. Not long after, the first junior appears on the sonar screen, but I decide to leave him alone, so that he, in turn, leaves my worms on the Mad-CAT teaser intact. I want to catch a big one, so I pedal to the opposite bank.

Aquatic rodeo or catfish fishing from a belly boat?

I don't think it's been half an hour since I got in, I'm still fishing in a very relaxed position thanks to the seat and footrests. The sonar detects activity below me, the catfish rises with clockwork precision and attacks the bunch of earthworms below the teaser. Only now do I truly understand the experiences of those in the videos I watched. It is a kind of aquatic rodeo where the fight takes place close to the fish, in its environment, and it can now show all its abilities to the maximum. Pure adrenaline. I shout with joy and the sleep gets scared, it starts to move forward strongly to the left, I counter with the help of the fins, the little boat responds well to the commands received.

The drill lasts for a few minutes as sleep tests all my gear, rod, reel, line, hook, but it only manages to wear out. I manage to get him into the belly boat and start pedaling towards the shore for a photo shoot followed of course by release.

You can't find adrenaline on the corner like heroin or cocaine!

Today I still have a smile on my face, my brain is still reliving every moment of this experience that I want to repeat as soon as possible. As a conclusion, belly boat fishing in shallow water does not dislodge fish lured below it. Even if it's your first game with a boat like this, you quickly learn how to handle it, not once did I feel in danger in any way, and if you're properly equipped you can't fail to have a memorable game that tell it with a smile on everyone's face.

Bogdan Munteanu, clonc dependent.

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