Spinnerbait si chatterbait. How, when and where?

Spinnerbait si chatterbait. How, when and where?

So spinnerbait and chatterbait. Even if the spinnerbait was invented 50 years ago, it took some time to find its place in the kits of Romanian fishermen, in the first phase being perceived as a lure intended exclusively for bass fishing. Today, after the eternal and fascinating oscillating spoons, spinnerbait is one of the most effective lures in pike and perch fishing. At least in my opinion and that of many fishermen who use them more and more often. Something younger, the chatterbait, also appeared as a bait for bass fishing, somewhere in the early 2000s. Does it also catch pike and perch? Of course, if you fish it and give it enough time to gain confidence in it, the results will not be long in coming.

How and where?

I have written about spinnerbait and I will write more. At the moment I don't think there is a better looking lure, you cover a lot of water with it and you can fish it in all the water levels from top to bottom. I used it from Delta to Sweden, for pike and perch. When? Anytime, in all seasons. How and where? On the lakes, after touching the water, I let the spinnerbat go down to the depth at which I want it to evolve and constantly mulch it. If I feel that the blades do not turn, I stop and jerk two or three times and start milling again.

Why am I doing this?

The stopping of the blades is caused either by the imperceptible attack of a fish or by the loading of the whole with grass. Many times after this break of pace I have an attack. I do it even if the pallets don't stop. On low water lakes I prefer Willow blades, more sparkle, less turbulence. On canals or deep rivers with low flow, turbid water, fishing at greater depths, I prefer Colorado paddles, for extra turbulence. On deep water channels I fish it similar to jig, taras method, milled, stop, milled, stop.

As a compromise, I most commonly use spinnerbatts with tandem paddles, Willow / Colorado. More tips about spinnerbait can be read here: 10 tips for spinnerbait fishing

Spinnerbait si chatterbait

As I said, chatterbait is a relatively new lure, at least newer than spinnerbait lime. Why lime? Because both have silicone skirts and a jig profile. Thanks to a simple hexagonal metal blade, this lure has an evolution similar to that of a wobbler and the shine of a spinnerbait. In addition, it makes noise, in evolution the palette hits the head of the jig. If you put another gum on the hook, you already have a 5 lure in one. As with spinnerbait, chatterbait can be fished on all levels of water, from surface to depth.

When and where?

After reaching the desired depth, you will either have to rewind faster or pull the rod to activate the hexagonal blade and implicitly the evolution of the lure. Recovery is also linear, with rhythm breaks, but at a slightly lower speed. You will realize what that speed is after the first recoveries, from this point of view the fishing is similar to the rotary one. Another recovery style is similar to jig fishing or sawtooth rattiling, with wider rod movements to make the lure evolve as much as possible vertically. When and where? Whenever and wherever you have pike and perch or bass available. By the way, the pike doesn't forgive him if he catches him in his area.

How well does it fit?

I personally have rarely used chatterbait, but I know of some "heavy" pike contests where the winners have used chatterbait. And not once. Fixed when no lure seemed to yield. Did they have gums mounted? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. In terms of gums, I think everyone can mount any gum they trust. Before writing this article, I also went out to play in the park with the new chatterbits Sakura Cajun and Quantum 4street, thinking that it would be good to catch a video with the main character of these two extremely versatile lures, the bass. Being some smaller chatterbats, I armed them with 56mm tires, 4street B-Ass. And what to see? I caught.

Spinnerbait si chatterbait

You will also catch them if you give them enough confidence and attention in the presentation, as I said at the beginning of the article, the sipnnerbait and the chatterbait are probably the most versatile lures in the raptor fisherman's kit. Next time we talk about classic lures, oscillating spoons, will you?

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