From the series Pike fishing movies Fishing & Hunting I present a first episode, the Lapland Pike 2018 competition. A film from the series Spinning case study made by Cristi Albu. Read more about Lapland Pike 2018, Lapland Pike 2019 and see how you can participate in Lapland Pike 2021.

lapland pike

"Lapland Pike is a competition that aims to give maximum freedom to all participants in a large fishing area on the Umealven River in Sweden. "It was the first message I received from Greger Jonsson. I had participated in the past, together with the Romanian national team, in two editions of Lapland Pike organized by Greger in 2007 and 2009, expeditions with many beautiful memories related to fishing in Scandinavia. There, in Sweden, I caught my first pike over a meter long. It was like yesterday… The 2018, 2019 editions followed and I hope we also checked 2021. Until then, let's see Pike Fishing & Hunting Movies, episode Lapland Pike 2018.

Is it a competition? Well, yes, but we like it more as a reason for lectures, fishing workshops, social gatherings, traditional cuisine and entertainment. Mix all these ingredients with pike fishing in the Catch & Release system and we have a complete fishing festival. Lapland Pike is an international competition designed to give maximum freedom to competitors on a huge fishing area in northern Sweden.

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