The first cold test with the Quantum Smoke S3 rod!

Why cold test with Qauntum Smoke? Because I didn't expect to catch fish, that was a bonus. I didn't even expect to enjoy a comfortable temperature in mid-February to do the promised test with a new 2.4m Quantum Smoke S3 rod. Please, I didn't expect more, as you will see / see in the video.

What else did I fail to say in the test?

The basic idea of the test was simple, I had planned to go out for a few hours on the shore of a lake to make a few launches to measure with a counter (measuring) of wires to confirm my generous range of weights marked on the heel of the rod, 7-55g. I didn't manage with the counter, either I mounted it incorrectly or I didn't put it correctly, in short at the first launch with unloaded 8g rubber it showed me a length of 80m. I may be a craftsman, but not really. To launch, launch well.

Weights inscribed on the heel

After throwing several times with 8g, 24g and 50g and then fishing with other weights, I can say that the white gives maximum yield in the range of 10-50g. At the first touch in the showroom I thought I would not have a firm grip on the slim chuck, for a power rod I prefer thicker chucks. In a normal note of subjectivism, I tell you that I am not a follower of the direct contact of the fingers with the blank, I do not consider this "quality" necessary for a rod. In fishing, it didn't bother me anymore and it is visually pleasing from a design point of view, a big plus of the Smoke S3 Spinn range in my opinion.

Cold test with Qauntum Smoke, reel S40

Initially, for Spinn 55, I chose a reel from the same range for mating, more precisely Smoke S3 40. They gave me a robust construction and a generous drum, for 2.4m rods I generally use 3000 class reels. I exaggerated a bit in size, the wide drum swallows 210m by 0.30mm, you have to put too much drill to load a decent multifilament of 110m. I also had a thread too thick for the drill. I loaded it badly, I'll come back to this. Even if we are talking about a small tank thanks to the construction, the reels of the reel run smoothly. The whole thing balances well, I didn't mind fishing, but in the future I will definitely put another lighter reel on Spinn55. On the Smoke S3 40 I will move it to a stronger fishing rod with XXL lures.

In the rhythm of bass on Tancabesti

With the test done, I had little time to fish. It is no longer a secret that Lake Tancabesti was populous with Black Bass and Striped Bass. I had a rod, a reel and some rubbers, wouldn't it be cool to catch a bass like that at the end of the day? After half an hour, on a small thawed portion of Lake Tancabesti 1 I managed to find them. Six attacks, two completed with two fat and beautiful Black Bass by dusk. In bass fishing with soft lures (and not only) obtaining a drill lies in the ability of a rod to allow the fish to inhale the lure for a few seconds without feeling opposition. Spinn55, which is not a specialized bass fishing rod, coped with this test and if you saw the movie, you know what I mean.

You can find more information about Quantum Smoke S3 Spinn55 here.

See also the result of the "hot" tests after a year here.

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