Trout fishing with Berti Taifun, Metallica tribute

 Trout fishing with Berti Taifun, Metallica tribute

"Arif, do something with trout fishing, I'm tired of barbels!" he writes to me Slow in a private message when I sent him the last one video from the series "Some people like the barbell". Hmmm, trout fishing, Slow, aaa, I have something with Metallica and Berti Taifun filmed this year in Sweden, I answer him instantly: "The next video is for you, I promise, now I'll start editing."


At the request of viewers... Jam Session Metallica, The Day That Never Comes. Bad Anglers For Life band cover, take two, fly fishing in Sweden. Enjoy

♬ original sound – Andy Arif Fishing


Last Metallica cover, One, from And Graylings For All album. We are not professionals, but we sure like to pretend. #BadAnglersForLife #FlyFishing

♬ original sound – Andy Arif Fishing


What's with Metallica, Typhoon Berti and trout fishing?

In recent years I have fished for trout exclusively in Sweden where, together with Roin, we have a Metallica cover band called Bad Anglers For Life. We haven't had any concerts yet, but when we do, the first one will be on the stage in Umeå, again metalla will play the song One at the opening of our concert. They don't recommend our voice and talent, but we have a super manager, don't we Lenti? Especially since he knows them personally boys. Until then, we are limited to training by car and through the forests of Sweden.

Trout fishing, Berti…And Justice For All

Coincidence or not, in 1988, when Metallica was releasing And Justice For All album, Eugen German aka Berti he was getting his hands on his father's first spinning gear, a Germina rod and reel Avati. In the same year, Metallica sings the song ...And Justice For All live for the first time in the world in Budapest, and Berti, on the lake Bicaz, catches the first fans with a rotary called, yes, exactly, Clean, received as a gift from his uncle. From here to trout and the oscillating Taifun there was only one more step. Shall we call it the Trout Call?

Punch number 1 Berti, trout fishing, before the Typhoon

The first "Taifun" trout fishing spoon was born a few years later, around 1996-1997, inspired by a Swedish oscillating model, so you can see how the stories are connected. It was the second punch of Berti spoons, after that of oscillating Austria, although Eugen called him punch number 1. He knew why. I put Taifun in quotation marks because at the time the little wobbler didn't have that name and was a smaller size than the current model. Ok, you understand how it was with punch number 1, but what's up with the "Metallica, Cauldron 1" picture? No work. It's a picture my friend sent me Ovidiu Neacșu who does Art Nouveau and Deco guided tours of old buildings in Bucharest and made me think of Metallica, Berti, Sweden, trout fishing, before I wrote this article. I don't know why. Anyway, if you're interested in the subject, Boiler number 1 (there are 3) is part of the heating plant of the ARO block, built in 1930, architect Horia Creangă.

One, Berti, Taifun, Metallica, Bucharest, year 1999

For the first time in Romania, the song One was performed live by Metallica in the year 1999 at the Lia Manoliu stadium in Bucharest. Also in 1999, after several modifications, the small Berti oscillating rod for trout fishing reaches its current form and is named after a can of cleaning powder that says Taifun. Historically, more jokingly, more seriously, Typhoon Berti cleaned many trout. On a different note, I at Taifun call him the One, because... I've written before here:

"From the shore or from the boat, on the river or the lake, in the country or abroad, Berti Taifun is the spoon with which I managed to catch most species of predatory fish and not only that. Walleyes, perch, American perch, bream, grayling, pike, trout of all varieties, bream, bream, catfish, widows. I haven't caught the saddle yet, but I honestly haven't tried either. More recently I also ticked some marine species, see here. If I were forced to fish with one lure for the rest of my life, guess what it would be? Castable and versatile, you cast it far and you can fish it on the surface, in the water, on the substrate, slow or fast retrieve, jigging or whatever you want to animate it, it catches damn well. Exactly, Typhoon Berti.”

Also in 1999, Eugen participated in the first raptor fishing competition organized in the Danube Delta, by Arrow International, Rapala-Silstar Cup, on Lake Fortuna. 18 years later, as an adult, Eugen and Petre, the brothers Berti, become World Champions in Fishing from Boats to Raptors with Artificial Lures FIPS 2017. But this is it another story… with oscillating and spinnerbait.

Bad Anglers For Life band is back, trout fishing, Berti, Taifun, Sweden 2023

The One cover music performance you heard in the video above was cast this year in Sweden, the area Åsele, during a trout fishing game on the superb lakes tended by Fiskelars, right on my birthday. Yes, yes... on my birthday. "What do you want to do for your birthday? Shall we have a party?” he asked me Roin Morning. Not. Naturally I chose to go fishing, on that wonderful day I ticked grayling, trout and pike fishing, I will tell you all about them one by one. The coolest birthday party I've ever had. But Andy, you're going to ask me, I saw one Metallica book in the video and pictures, what's up with her? I got it from a dear friend who gave it to me for my birthday when I came back from Sweden. He must have heard and appreciated our songs from the Metallica repertoire. A great book that I wholeheartedly recommend if you want to know the stories behind Metallica's songs. And you love stories, obviously, if you're reading this blog now.

Trout fishing needles, razors and rods

Speaking of pleasant, I know you like something on this blog, that I leave you a link hidden under the rug with the equipment I use without using the famous expression "A lot of you asked me...". The rods that carried the Typhoons through Swedish waters are one of the travel and the other a one-piece prototype for perch fishing in Sweden, both Asava Custom. I, and the trout, like it better 2.28m travel model and 3/8-1/2oz, but I banged him a joint, and Andrew he didn't fix it for me even to this day. You should tell Dragoș Sava to your father what I said here, that you are the only one in your family who reads this blog, remember Live Target, Yes? Used reels, low budget, that do not knock, do not snap after a while, Daiwa Emeraldas and Savage Gear SG8. I kept the trout on wire lines Stroft GTM and Color, 0.16-0.18mm. Alas, I said razors and razors, I was forgetting about needles. Berti Taifun models marketed by Arrow International are equipped with Mustad anchors TR78NP-BN, and I equipped some of mine with Mustad Jaw Lok, you give a penny, but it stays in the jaw!

Instead of ending with trout fishing

Come on, I've put too much equipment and in the end, it doesn't even matter. With the trout, there are days when they don't eat anything, not even to pike them with bite. Or they kill themselves whatever you throw in the water, price of a few minutes. It has nothing to do with spur-of-the-moment inspiration in choosing the lure, nor with the game of the lure, nor with the equipment used, nor with the wrist game. You have to be at the right time, in the right place and with the right friends, simple as that. Thank you Roin. And if you've made it this far, you probably like stories and want some more, be it Metallica, or Sweden, or fishing. Let's have two more that you probably didn't know...

Was Cliff Burton hungry for fishing? Well, yes!

The first bassist of Metallica, and probably one of the best in the world in my opinion, died in 1986 in a car accident on the roads of Sweden. You probably knew this, in Langan, Sweden, the place where it happened the tragedy, there exists museum and a Cliff Burton memorial stone. What you didn't know is that Cliff was very much after fishing, I found that out on the page Cliff Burton Family and from one interview with James Hetfield saying:

“Cliff loved both fishing and hammers. He took his little pocket rod (Pocket Fisherman) on tour and would find any small lake nearby. And he always carried a hammer in his suitcase. I said, "What are you doing with that?" He [said], “I don't know. Just in case. Just in case you need a hammer!'… 

Cliff Burton's last creation as a composer is the play To Live is to Die, included on the album …And Justice For All.

"This song is a tribute to Cliff Burton. The bass line is a mix of unused recordings that Cliff made before his death. As the original recordings are not used on the track, the composition is credited as written by Burton and performed by Newsted. The words spoken at the end of the song ("When a man lies, he kills part of the world. These are pale deaths that people mistake for lives.") were written by the German poet Paul Gerhardt, but have been erroneously attributed to Burton in the liner notes. The second half of the speech ("All this I can no longer bear to witness. Cannot the kingdom of salvation take me home?") was written by Burton.

When a man lies, he murders some part of the world

These are the pale deaths which men miscall their lives

All this I cannot bear to witness any longer

Can the kingdom of salvation take me home?

This passage is one that the band members often remember Cliff saying - so much so that the last line is marked on his grave site. "To Live is to Die" is the last Metallica catalog track chronologically credited to Cliff Burton, as he was working on it before his death.” Metallica website

Does the Metallica logo have fishing hooks?

I say yes. Or at least I like to think so. I made this analogy between Metallica logo, which was drawn by Metallica frontman James Hetfield in 1983, and prehistoric fishing hooks made of bone, before I learned of Cliff Burton's passion for fishing, which must have put his tail through the logo. Also in 1983 Cliff Burton and Metallica were playing live together one of my favorite Metallica songs, Anesthesia – Pulling Teeth. Speaking of teething…

I have a lot more to say about Metallica, fishing, Sweden, but I'll stop here for now. A new material in which one of the protagonists is coming soon Stefan Trumstedt, this James Hetfield of pike fishing, that's how I see him from the first day I met him. To be with Miuras Mouse the story? That remains to be seen in a new episode of Bad Anglers For Life, right?

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