What's the connection between Mustad, Arrow International, Berti and Kevin VanDam fishing hooks?

 What's the connection between Mustad, Arrow International, Berti and Kevin VanDam fishing hooks?

Did you know that one in four fishing hooks sold in the world is made by Mustad? Did you know that Mustad acquired Live Target and Tuf-Line? Did you know that Kevin VanDam won the Golden Hook Mustard competition in 2005? Did you know that Berti metal lures rigged with Mustad Ultrapoint KVD anchors will soon be available in Arrow stores? Did you know that despite recent price increases, the prices of Mustad fishing hooks have remained unchanged? Aoleu, but you didn't know much. Well, what can I do if you don't read the blog cover to cover every day? AndyArif.ro, the website RapitoriMania.ro, page of Facebook, the posts on Instagram and the videos on YouTube! I was going to forget, I did Tik-Tok.


From Eugen German reading about Mustad fishing hooks

"Starting fishing in the socialist regime, the first fishing hooks we used were - of course - the famous "parrot beak" produced in Sibiu. After 1990, I had my first contact with the quality Western hooks produced by the Mustad company and imported to Romania by Arrow International. The difference in quality between Mustad and the hooks to which Romanian fishermen had access before 1990 was huge, thus managing to quickly establish itself in the top of fishermen's preferences. Probably as a consequence of this market success, Mustad started a very famous competition among the fishermen of that period which awarded the record catches of the most representative fish species in our waters. The awards ceremony and awarding of the Mustad Trophy was one of the most important events of the local fishing community at that time.

As manufacturers of lures, Mustad's products caught our attention with the signing of the partnership with Kevin Vandam and launching its signature Ultrapoint series of anchors and hooks. Even though some anglers believe that Japanese products are the only ones worth using with confidence, the new series of hooks Mustard Ultrapoint KVD it definitely rivals them in terms of quality, benefiting from a high-quality carbon steel, Black Nickel coating with four times more corrosion resistance than classic coatings and an electrochemically sharpened tip.

For this reason, we decided that the swings we will launch this spring together with the company Arrow International to be equipped with Mustad Ultrpoint Black Nickel anchors, the quality of which will have the opportunity to convince all spinning anglers who will have the confidence to use them."

Eugene German – Berti

Once upon a time, like never before, was the Mustad trophy, the Golden Hook

The Golden Hook trophy was introduced in 1967 by the Mustad company. This competition open to all anglers took place in 32 countries and the grand prize was awarded only once a year in each country, to the best competitor. The Mustad Golden Hook trophy, sponsored by Mustad and Arrow International, was hosted in Romania for over 20 years by the magazines Pescar Modern, Aventuri la Pescuit, SuperPescar, then by the PVTV website until 2014.

The contest was addressed to all fishermen who fished on the territory of Romania and the photos of the biggest catches of 12 different species were awarded. The competition was based on the new photos recorded every month, with the authors of the most valuable catches for each species being awarded with fishing equipment consisting of hooks. The great winner of the Mustad Trophy, i.e. the competitor who accumulated the highest number of points, from different species, was awarded with the Golden Hook.

The prize, framed hook was handmade, 36 cm long and covered in 24 carat gold. This was a sophisticated version, a faithful copy of one of the largest commercially produced fishing hooks, ref Mustad 4480, size 19/0, originally made for shark fishing.

Since the introduction of the Mustad Golden Hook Trophy in 1967, there have been over 100 winners from 32 different countries who have automatically become exclusive members of the Golden Hook Club. The famous professional angler Kevin Van Dam was the winner of the trophy in the year 2005.

In fact, it all started with a fishing hook

A young marketing graduate goes to a supermarket to get a job. The manager asks him incredulously:

– Do you have any experience in sales?

The young man quickly answers:

- Oh, yes, during the faculty I was a committed traveler.

A little skeptical, but still in need of staff, the manager tells the young man:

- Okay, you're hired! You start tomorrow, and at the end of the program I'll come to see how you did on your first day. Depending on that, I will finalize your contract or not.

Said and done. The next day the man shows up for work, sees his stuff, and at the end of the program the manager comes and asks him:

– Well, how many sales did you make today?

- One, answers the young man.

The manager:

– How? Only one? Our average sales per employee is 20-30 per day! It's not good at all. How much did you sell for?

The young man:

– Of 950,150,237 lei and 50 money.

The manager:

– 950,150,237 lei and 50 money? Yes, what did you sell him?

– First I sold him a small fishing hook, from the 50 money one. After that I sold him a medium size one. After that I sold him a rod. Then I asked him where he was going fishing and he said like on the lake, so I told him he needed a boat. Therefore, I went to the specialist district and sold him that sloop with two engines. Because he told me his Honda was too small to tow the sloop, I took him to the dealership and sold him a Jeep Cherokee.

At which the manager, stunned:

– Like, a guy came in to buy a fishing hook and you sold him a dinghy and a 4X4?

To which the young man, smiling slightly confused:

- Oh, no... Let's see.... The guy came in to buy a pack of tampons for his wife, and I told him if he's still going to miss a weekend, he better go fishing!



About one, about another, about Mustad fishing hooks, about Arrow, with Radu Boloca, marketing manager

"Mustad is among the first brands I met when I joined Arrow Int., 26 years ago. The large range of models, the fact that they were very affordable, and I mean the popular series, contributed to the growth of the brand. It is not for nothing that it is said that one out of four fishing hooks sold in the world is made by Mustad. There isn't a fishing tackle dealer that doesn't have these hooks on their table. Time has passed, the challenges have been multiple, both for us and for Mustad, but a strong brand resists regardless of difficulties. The need for development and expansion for Mustad, brought to the product portfolio, in addition popular hooks, new products from the premium series Ultra Point Tournament, soft glows, voblere and equipment very good quality. But Mustad did not stop there. They managed to bring with them, two more strong brands, Livetarget and Tuf-Line, aiming to diversify the range of lures and yarns. Future plans are grand. Multiple directions are targeted in which Mustad can diversify its activity. But all this will be discovered by our fishermen in time."

Radu Boloca – marketing manager Arrow International

Needles, razors and razors, tried and tested. Of course, from Mustad

I don't think I've ever been an avowed fan of Mustad products, but I've used them successfully over time due to quality versus price and availability in fishing shops. From fishing hooks for stationary and fly, offset hooks for bass and pike fishing, jigs for seine fishing, up to threading knives, luggage and Sunglasses, for me, honestly, Mustad products did not disappoint me. In 40 years of fishing. I still have them, I still use them, and more will surely follow. Misconceived as cheap products, Mustad hooks and accessories are actually priced right. And despite the recent price increases, which implicitly also affected the fishing market, Mustad products, through Arrow International, somehow managed to keep their prices the same as in 2021. There are also discounts. How where? One click away on Arrow website more than 600 milestones await you Mustad which deserves our full attention.

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  • In the "other" times, when I was a child, Mustad was the only brand of foreign hooks entering the market of socialist Romania. And there were about 2 models: "forged" yellow Crystals with which I caught the first sardines at no. 8, because 1, 6 and 8 were the only sizes available in the state network) and navy, cadmium-plated Kendal, also about 2-3 types of dimensions, with which I did my first shopping. Now I realize that even in socialism there was a socialist director, of Com. Exteriopr, who had a limited budget and limited relationships in the world of fishing. He also took something there, but they were GOOD. Back then I was reading in "Vanatorul si Pescarul Sportiv ” (to have been years i' 64-'68?/) in the column.... 'Did you know that..?';..in some Polynesian islands FISHING NEEDLE is a COMMON NOUN under the name MUSTAD (analogue of sports shoes = Adidas)? Today I realize that those populations knew what that 'manufactured' fishing needle was, being hunters collectors, but it was about OTEL needles, possibly stainless. Where do I want to end up?/To last for about a century, a Planiglob and 3-4 social and political systems selling the same thing (in Polynesia, and on the coast of post-war Japan, with a strong newly demilitarized industry) means to be, by and large, UNBEATABLE in terms of price/quality and marketing.

  • "I confirm. I recommend. Very good." This is how consumers write, about ANYTHING, while promoters, trend setters, influencers write smartly and well and read each other. Society is also polarized culturally, not just economically. Me too I broke economically from the world of fishing, so I can only bring you some information that may be punctual, old and that escaped the watchful eye of search engines, Nuah Harari's algorithms or Big Brother Fake look. Yes, when I was taken fishing , from about 1965 onwards, mustad = foreign hook. The Romanian ones, with all my patriotism and socialist nostalgia, were RUSTY from the tipla. From Mustad I used to buy/find only some "forged" yellow Krystal No. 6-8 with which I used wax and carp- like Kendal and cadmium with a long rod, no. 8-10 9, there is also No. 1) with which I used to fish and catch horse mackerel like this one. Normally you wouldn't find them either always or anywhere. Looking in retrospect, the fact that MUSTAD OFFICIALLY entered beyond the Iron Curtain shows the "diplomatic" skills and the perseverance to do business everywhere. Probably, the HUMAN ones remained among the Norwegians' unquantifiable values. I don't know who the Mustad "managers" were back then, nor their Romanian "counterparts" from the services... aaasta, pardon, honni soit qui mal y pense, the Foreign Trade departments. But PESCARESTE did their job and they did it happily a generation of ROMANS on the waters and with the fish (and... the pans!) from their home. The idea is that some (people, companies, concepts) leave, others/others come, MUSTAD remains. And, so you don't think I'm advertising, when I was fishing for pike and trout, I was fishing with Gamakatsu 13B. That's probably why he thought Ultra point mustard or as it is called. A big company cannot leave niches in which it is not present.
    PS When I was little, I read in the "Hunter's Almanac and Sports Fisherman's Almanac" that in the Colo Dincolo islands in Polynesia, the second island on the right, "Mustad" would have been a COMMON NOUN denoting a (steel) fishing hook, on the "Adidas" model = sports shoes that are not Chinese basketball shoes, nor autochthonous tennis shoes, from Socialist Romania

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