With Garmin fishing! Sonar, GPS, electric motors, video cameras, watches!

 With Garmin fishing! Sonar, GPS, electric motors, video cameras, watches!

Fishing has evolved a lot in recent times due to electronics. We all use them, whether it's GPS, sonar, electric motors, video cameras, watches, to improve the results of our fishing games. For me one, all these devices have had the same common denominator for several years, Garmin. Let's talk about what Garmin electronics I use for fishing, I say.

Why Garmin?

First of all, because my first devices, GPS and sonar, purchased in the early 2000s, still work today. Second, aligned to 2021, all Garmin devices benefit from a user-friendly interface, are easy to use, have wi-fi connectivity, applications for their use and up-to-date software. Third, the value for money and the impeccable support provided by Garmin in terms of tutorials on how to use, connect all these devices. In addition, phone applications such as Active Captain, Garmin Striker, Virb, Connect, Connect IQ, are the icing on the cake, whether we are talking about sonar or clocks, video cameras, etc.

At first it was Garmin Etrex Vista Cx

My first hand held GPS, the Garmin Etrex Vista Cx, was my companion for 20 years. I bought it on Ebay to use it to mark GPS points in pike fishing and for travel guidance. I still use it occasionally even now, but I will upgrade with it soon Garmin GPS 86i so I can connect it to the rest of my Garmin devices.

From the Garmin 160c reading, in color

Also in the early 2000s, I switched from a black and white PiranhaMax sonar to a Garmin 160c color. The difference between these two reminds me of the sensations we experienced when my father bought us our first TELECOLOR TV at the expense of an older one, on lamps. Apart from the fact that it does not have GPS, the Garmin 160c, after 20 years, is still a sonar that represents Down Image very well. The old man is still working, he can tell you more Stefan Stoica, which I gave him to use as a portable sonar in his palae fishing parties.

Why Garmin Striker 9SV?

Years passed, during which time I used other sonar, from other manufacturers, until I returned to Garmin. Why? Because I needed a sonar with a big screen, side image, CHIRP, with the possibility to make bathymetric maps. Research on the net, read reviews, application Active Captain and the unbeatable price for a sonar of this category convinced me that Garmin Striker 9SV it was the best choice for me and the boat I wanted to mount. I wrote more here, in the meantime an upgrade has appeared, would be Vivid with 7 color tones for representation.

Carrier sonar, Striker Cast

As I used to always have a handheld gps, a portable sonar is also a must have when traveling or fishing on shore. In the version with GPS, with Striker Cast you can make bathymetric maps, all through phone application. A pocket gadget that offers you valuable information in any fishing game on unknown locations, with a wireless probe that you can launch up to 60 meters and representation on your mobile phone. Cool. I will come back soon with more technical aspects regarding the use of this device.

360 footage with Garmin Virb

I think it's been more than three years since I've been using it Garmin Virb 360, I bought it after seeing the first videos made with this video camera. I used it for both 360 and normal filming, having the option to use only one of the two lenses it is equipped with. Very easy to use, both in its own menu and through the application Garmin Virb Mobile, full waterproof without the need for a special case, simple and free editing program Virb Edit. With the special charging cable for 12V batteries and a 128gb card, I can shoot 9 hours continuously, in 1080HD format, only with a lens, the front or the rear, optional. 360 footage uses both lenses and implicitly more memory. You can see more 360 videos in this playlist.

Next ticked on the list, Garmin Virb 30

Immediately after I played enough with Virb 360, of course an action camera followed, this time Garmin Virb 30. In the first phase, I was attracted by the mechanical on / off start button, the voice controls, the LCD display on the back and the 4K quality of the videos. Then, after use, I appreciated the sound quality, impressive for a camera in a waterproof case and the menu easy to use, both on the camera and in the application. In addition, compared to other camcorders, the Garmin Virb 30 never heated or blocked me, given that I often filmed even 11 hours non-stop. The fact that since the appearance and until now there has been no upgrade to this camera says a lot, is what is needed. A large part of my last videos I made with this camera, in 1080 format, you can see them on my Youtube channel.

Well, don't we connect them with a watch? Garmin Fenix 6 Sapphire

I haven't worn a watch since I was in my thirties, even though I have a pretty impressive collection. I'm not the type to wear accessories, and over time, the phone gradually became the watch I needed to know, simply, what time it is. But, there is always a gift. I also wanted to have an altimeter, barometer, maps, pulse oxygen, weather, gps, smart phone connectivity for notifications, compass, etc. And most of all I wanted to be able to connect and control my Virb cameras with the help of my watch. Not to mention that you can connect it with sonar, electric motor or other Garmin devices. Or you can save fishing spots. Normally, I should have chosen one of the series Quatix, dedicated to marine activities and fishing, but I chose Phoenix 6 Sapphire, because they took my eyes off the orange belt and the titanium case. I still haven't discovered everything this watch can do, maybe too much.

I am not a very active person, although I believe that sports must be done when you are a child and is absolutely necessary in adolescence. Personally, I've done a lot of sports in my life, so at some point I took a break. Returning to the subject, after I set my watch with all my personal data, I found the necessary number of steps that I should take daily for a healthy life. After a week of use, the Garmin Fenix 6 began to drop until I went fishing. For three days in a row I overcame, one by one, all the imposed Goals. We also reached 9466 steps by noon. How? Well, I was holding the watch on the hand with which I am spinning and, implicitly, it recorded the movements as if walking, steps. By the way, who said fishing is not a sport?

In short, why do Garmin electronics seem number 1 to me for fishing?

I would be hypocritical to say that Garmin sonar is over Lowrance or Humminbird, Striker Cast is over Deeper or that Garmin Virb are better than GoPro or Osmo. Or Fenix is smarter than Suunto. And so on. The answer is the same as the question: If you make Jacky Chan and Bruce Lee fight, who wins? Or does he beat them both Chuck Norris? For me one, all the Garmin devices I have stood out from the others by the possibility of connectivity between them and implicitly with the mobile phone, applications, maps, information, software and technical support provided on Garmin website. And last but not least, the channel YouTube Garmin where you have tutorials (translated into Romanian) for all Garmin products regarding their installation, connection or functionality.

From the series "Fishermen better than me", level 2, Panoptix, EchoMap, GPSMap

What Garmin Electronics Do Others Use for Fishing? At level 2, when it comes to Panoptix probes and the EchoMap and GPSMap sonar series, I let others tell you, I haven't used them yet, but they will definitely follow in the near future. Especially because I can connect my Virb camcorders with these sonar and drive the Force electric motor with my watch, by simple movements of the wrist. Fitza.

Garmin BertiLures, Berti rules

The best example in the evolution of Garmin are the Berti brothers, eugenics and Petre German, multiple national champions LRS you world champions in Russia 2017, which initially started with the Striker series. Out of need for maps of the Danube Delta and the extra technology imposed by the times we live in has passed to sonar EchoMap 92SV and probe Panoptix Forward. Result? They won Danube Delta Predator Challenge 2020, probably the most important raptor fishing competition held so far in Romania. How important was Garmin in this story? They will tell you soon on the blog, both about this contest and about the new Garmin devices that they will use in 2021, respectively sonar Garmin Ultra 102SV, system Panoptix LiveScope Forward and Down, electric motor Garmin Force.

Other champions, the same Garmin devices

Speaking of the Danube Delta Predator Challenge, the 3rd place winners of this competition were awarded by the Garmin / Arrow International sponsor with a Garmin Force Trolling 50 Inch 24V engine + a Garmin Striker Plus 9SV GPS sonar. Equipment which, to a certain extent, Ciprian Lazar and Cosmin Schiopu, Pescari Particulari team, national champions LRS 2019, were already using them on their boat.

Who doesn't have old people to buy, Garmin and Team Kataroaie

In terms of analysis, when it comes to fishing, equipment, regulations, technique, gadgets, Cristi Anghelina he is by far the deepest analyst I have ever known. If you ask him for an opinion, it may take an eternity to give you the answer, but it is worth the wait, it will be a correct, informed, objective one, from the amount of experiences he has accumulated. So, patiently, not soon, we will have a complete analysis on Garmin Ultra 102SV, the system Panoptix LiveScope Forward and Down and the electric motor Garmin Force. Garmin equipment that they have currently installed, connected and tested for the 2021. raptor fishing season. Team Kataroaie, Cristi Anghelina and Cristi Hurjui.

In the language of Garmin

Also from the category of competition kidnappers, Garmin users, take a look and profiles Ovidiu Parascanu, Ovidiu Bradatan, Alexandru Barbu, they will definitely help you if you have any questions.

It's not just us, there are others, Cecilia and Brent

If you are passionate, sorry, eager to catch predators, you can't help but know what is happening outside, in Europe. Of course, Pelagic fishing sounds familiar to predators, so you followed Cecilia Gronberg aka Zander Queen. Well, find out how Cecilia switched to Garmin gear for Pelagic, Panoptix and fishing GPSMAP 8412. It's not just about sponsorships and marketing, these devices will do something extra…

Ehrler, Brent Ehrler!

We are moving our telephoto lens to the USA, where it is the top spearhead of the raptor fishing competition, Bass Masters. If you are not following or not passionate about the subject, there is a boy, a fisherman, Brent Ehrler by name, who uses Garmin electronics and shares his experiences. Find here, on the site links to Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Ehrler, Brent Ehrler. Super boy, I saw him share his bathymetric maps to all Garmin Active Captain users.

Instead of the end, the last plus, the Garmin community

Beyond the connectivity between devices, phone applications, technical support, performance, value for money, Garmin is differentiated by the community it has created in recent years and grows from day to day. Each user contributes to this Garmin community, whether through forums, Facebook groups, whatsapp, the Garmin website or the Active Captain application, where information, setting tips, bathymetric maps or anything else you share is shared daily. I would complete the Garmin solemn “Beat yesterday!”, Together we can beat yesterday, today and tomorrow!

Info Shop Garmin - Arrow International

Garmin electronics are available through Arrow International in the 20 own stores and 227 partner stores. If you want other products that are not in stock or are not listed on website, you can place a pre-order at any of the above stores.

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